Custom T-Shirts in Singapore: Customize Tee Shirts in Singapore From Just $5/pc

The Ultimate Guide to Nearly Everything You Need To Know
To Get the Cheapest Customised T-Shirts in Singapore and more!

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Are you looking to Customise and Print T-Shirts in Singapore? That is probably how you end up on this article!

The aim of this article is to provide nearly everything you need to know about T Shirt Printing in Singapore and more! You will have the knowledge to customise T-Shirts from just $5 a piece! We will also show you how to quickly filter out T-Shirt products at your suitable budget!

We will be going through in-depth on the different methods of printing and the different products available for customisation for different events and much more.

You can also learn about T-Shirt Designs in Singapore to make your design stand out, or to download a FREE T-Shirt template!

Whether you are a student, a teacher, a corporate staff, an event organizer, a marketing company or any other customer, this guide will equip you with the knowledge you need to know about T-Shirt printing.

Whether you are a beginner, or an experienced customer who have ordered customised products before, you can definitely learn something here!

Let’s jump right into Ultimate Guide for T-Shirt Printing in Singapore, and customize T-Shirts at the lowest price possible!

Why Custom T-Shirts & Apparels?

Learn Why T-Shirts and Apparels Are Popular And Why You May Need Them

Custom T-Shirt printing is widely popular all over the world. That is also true in Singapore.

Everyday in our daily lives in Singapore, we’ll see people wearing customised apparels either for schools, outdoor roadshows, team bonding activities, corporate staff uniforms and so much more! The list will never end if we do not stop here.

What we are trying to say is that, custom apparels are very much in demand and will continue to grow in demand. Do not think you are late to the party, because the trend will continue to grow.

Let’s look at how Custom T-Shirts play a role in meeting the needs in different industries in Singapore and why you may need them, if you have yet to get started.

1. Corporate Companies

T Shirt printing for $5 or less

Being a T-Shirt Printing Singapore company, we find that corporate companies make up a huge portion of our customer base. Why is this so? We believe this is due to the rapid growth of companies, especially in the technological space.

For example, let’s take a look at the recent spurts of growth tech companies such as FinTech where new start-ups are created every single day. The competition of businesses keeps getting tougher and tougher as time goes by and companies have to continue to keep differentiating themselves apart from one another to come up ahead in the competition.

So the question is, how can Custom T-Shirts & Apparels help corporate companies?

Let us share with you how other companies are doing it, and you do not need to be left behind.

  • Marketing

Custom T-Shirts are a great tool for marketing. Every corporate company wants their brand to be out there. Of course, apart from setting up an online presence of your brand, there will be opportunities for you to spread your brand awareness on the ground.

For example, if you are running a roadshow to promote your company, you can always print or embroider on T-Shirts or Polo Shirts with your brand or company logo so people will register them in their head when you are speaking to potential customers.

You can also giveaway T-Shirts as a gift for customers to spread your brand awareness. When people wear them on the street, it is basically free advertising of your company on the ground! Especially if your T-Shirts are eye-catching!

  • Corporate Uniform

Whether you are a start-up or an enterprise, corporate T-Shirts or uniform can foster a sense of belonging for employees and business owners. When you wear T-Shirts imprinted with your company logo, you’ll feel a sense of belonging and feel to be part of a company that you are proud of.

When you and your employee wear the corporate apparels, it can also play a part in marketing when people decide to find out what your company does.

Ready To Start Customising Your Custom T-Shirts & Apparels?

2. Schools

Another huge portion of our customers are from Schools and institutions. Why are custom T-Shirts so popular in schools? You might be customising them without knowing why.

Well, every batch of students and teachers will have definitely experience in order custom T-Shirts for different purposes. Let’s take a look at some of the events that schools might have that requires custom T-Shirts.

This is a very common purpose of custom printed tees in schools. Each year, every class will print their own Class Tees as a sign of unity and bonding of their class.

Asssuming each class has a class of 40 students and each level has 10 classes,  that will add up to 400 students per level. In secondary school, that will mean about 2,000 class T-Shirts per school. There are about 149 secondary schools in Singapore

This means, there will be about 298,000 Class T-Shirts printed every year (assuming every student prints a class Tee) only at the Secondary school level!

This is a huge number just by printing t-shirts for class and CCA. Learn more about Class Tee Printing in Singapore.

  • School Camp & Orientation T-Shirts

Apart from class and CCA T-Shirts, there are also ongoing school camp T-Shirts that goes on during school holidays for CCA or groups. Camp T-Shirts is almost like a tradition to have. It shows that participants have been part of a camp and creates a bond among the participants when they wear the same T-Shirt for the camp.

Not just in secondary schools, tertiary institutions also have orientation camps. Thousands of camp T-Shirts are printed every year for orientation camps in Polytechnic, ITE as well as Universities.

  • Sports Team Jersey T-Shirts

Another opportunity for custom T-Shirts in schools would be Sports team Jersey. Apart from CCA T-Shirts, there are a lot of sports groups in tertiary education where they train and compete between different schools.

Each team will want to print their own custom jersey printed apparels as a team identity when they compete with an opposing team. Most of the sports team jersey will be using dri-fit T-Shirt printing methods to keep their apparels cooling and breatheable.

Learn more about Jersey printing in Singapore here.

T-Shirts and Products That You Can Customise

Learn the Different T-Shirts and Products You Can Customise in Singapore

Now that we have learn why you should choose Custom T-Shirts and how they may help you, we need to learn which products would best suit our needs.

We are now going to share with you all the different products that are readily available in our products catalogue. We will also share how you can make your own custom-made apparels which are made from scratch later on in the article.

1. T-Shirts

Being a T-Shirt Printer in Singapore, we are best known for our T-Shirt products. We are one of the places in Singapore that carry a wide range of ready-stock T-Shirts that you can customize. Just select a product and choose the method of print, and you’re good to go. So which products will be the best choice for you?

Let’s go in depth on each T-Shirt category in our products catalogue!

1.1 Plain Cotton Round Neck T-Shirts

Basic Cotton Round Neck T-Shirts 2018-19 models 2

As the name goes, this product category consists of all the Plain T-Shirts that are made from cotton material. Cotton material is more comfortable as they are smoother to the skin of the wearer. However, they are not as breathable as Dri-fit T-Shirts (which we are going to explain next).

Pros: The advantage of Cotton T-Shirts is that they are more comfortable to wear.

Cons: The cotton T-Shirts tend to shrink a little after wash due to the nature of the material. They absorb sweat and may cause the T-Shirt to stick to your body under warm environment.

Best Used For: The cotton T-Shirts are perfect for Class & CCA T-Shirts, Corporate T-Shirts, Start-up Companies T-Shirts as well as for marketing giveaway.

1.2 Plain Dri-Fit Round Neck T-Shirts

Basic Dri-Fit RN T-Shirts 2018-19 model 1As the name goes, this product category consists of all the Plain T-Shirts that are made from dri-fit material. Dri-Fit material is more breathable which makes it more cooling and suitable for outdoor activities.

Pros: The advantage of Dri-Fit T-Shirts is that they keeps you cooler.

Cons: They are not as smooth to the skin relative to cotton materials.

Best Used For: The dri-fit T-Shirts are perfect for Class & CCA T-Shirts, Camp T-Shirts and Sports Team Jersey.

1.3 Multi-Tone Dri-Fit T-Shirts

QD55 Multi-tone Camo Dri-Fit T-Shirts 2018-19 model 1

If you have more budget when it comes to customising your T-Shirts, you may want to look at our Multi-tone range. Multi-tone means that the apparel is made from 2 or more colors in the fabric and cutting of the apparel.

If you would like an alternative to the normal Plain T-Shirts, these are great! Some of them also come in the color pattern that matches your theme.

Pros: The advantage of multi-tone Dri-Fit T-Shirts is that they keeps you cooler due to the material.

Cons: They are slightly more costly as compared to the Plain dri-fit T-Shirts.

Best Used For: The multi-tone dri-fit T-Shirts are perfect for Class & CCA T-Shirts, Sports team jersey, corporate events apparels and uniform.

1.4 Long Sleeves T-Shirts

CRR36400 Performance Long-Sleeves Tee 2018-19 model 2

Do you happen to be looking for long sleeve T-Shirts? This product category is for you! These are great for office dress down days where it can get really cold in the office.

Pros: The advantage of long sleeve T-Shirts is that they it covers your whole arm and keep you warm in cold environment.

Cons: They can get warm when you step out of the office.

Best Used For: Popular among the Muslim customers as well as corporate companies who would like to wear T-Shirts but would like something that can keep them warmer in the cold office.

View All Long-Sleeves T-shirts ➡️

1.5 Raglan Sleeves T-Shirts

Gildan Short Raglan-Sleeves T-Shirts (76500) 2019-20 model 2

Raglan sleeve cutting means that there are contrasting colored fabric between the body and sleeve of the T-Shirt. These are popular for fashionable T-Shirts as well as Sports team identity.

Pros: It can create a fashionable look for the wearer because of the contrasting fabric.

Cons: The T-Shirt may shrink after wash since it is made from cotton material.

Best Used For: Popular among the Class T-Shirts, Corporate T-Shirts as well F&B Uniform for the staffs.

View All Raglan-Sleeves T-shirts ➡️

1.6 Ringer T-Shirts

Ringer T-Shirts is similar to raglan T-Shirts because it also has contrasting fabric. However the contrasting fabric is for the collar and cuffs, instead of the entire sleeves.

Pros: It is fashionable T-Shirt and comfortable to wear.

Cons: The T-Shirt may shrink after wash since it is made from cotton material.

Best Used For: Popular among the Class T-Shirts, CCA T-Shirts as well corporate T-Shirts.

View All Ringer T-shirts ➡️

1.7 Fashion T-Shirts

Anvil 980 Lightweight Tee 2019-20 model 1

What are Fashion T-Shirts? These Tees are in our product catalogue to cater to customers who are looking for fashionable T-Shirts to customise. They are usually unique in its own pattern and cutting.

Pros: It is comfortable and has a fashionable fit.

Cons: The price may be on the higher side for customisation compared to the Plain T-Shirts.

Best Used For: Selling of merchandise as well as for concerts.

View All Fashion T-Shirts ➡️

1.8 V-neck T-Shirts

Gildan Softstyle Adult V-Neck T-shirts 63V00 2019-20 models 3

If you’re looking for V-Neck cutting T-Shirts, the tees in this category will be able to meet your needs.

Pros: Has a fashionable V-neck cutting of the T-Shirt.

Cons: The tees comes in pre-made measurements of the cutting of the V-Neck which may not suit your needs.

Best Used For: Selling of merchandise as well as corporate T-Shirts.

View All V-Neck T-shirts ➡️

T-Shirt Printing Services

Learn the Different Printing Methods Available in Singapore

Now that you have an idea of the products that you wish to customize on, we are now going to share with you the different T-Shirt printing services that are available in Singapore.

Not all products can use all methods of printing. Therefore, you will learn what each method of printing does and which one will be best suited to meet your customization requirements. Printing methods also affects the pricing of your customisation.

1. Custom-Made Apparels (Made-to-Order)

Firstly, we are going to share with you about custom-made apparels (made-to-order) service. As the name suggest, this service is a made-to-order service.

Made-to-order means that your apparels is customised when print-on-demand. We will only customise and create your apparels according to your requirements. These are not readily available items and can take up to 3-4 weeks for the whole process of customisation.

Why Choose Custom Made-to-Order Service?

Some customers are looking to create something unique that is different from the readily available products in our catalogue. Therefore, we offer such services to meet the needs of those who would like their very own unique apparels.

This customisation service allows you to choose the pattern and cutting of your apparel, the color fabric, as well as the material of the apparel.

Lead time of Custom Made-to-Order Service

As the whole process involves from the very beginning of the construction of the apparels, our lead-time usually takes about 3-4 weeks after confirmation of order.

We also understand that customers would like to do a 1 piece Sample before embarking on the bulk order. We are able to produce a sample piece about 1 week after confirmation of order.

Once you have confirmed the 1 piece sample, the bulk order will then take another 2-3 weeks lead-time.

Learn more about Custom-Made Apparels (Made-to-Order) service here.

2. Silk Screen Printing

Summary of the different steps involved in silk screen printing process

Next, we are going to look into our most popular method of print. Silk screen printing is a method where ink is imprinted directly onto the apparels.

Silk screen printing process involves the making of ‘mould’ which consist of the ‘screen’ mesh in which ink will pass through to imprint your design onto the apparel.

Why Choose Silk Screen printing Service?

Silk screen printing is popular for 2 main reasons. Durability and Price.

It is known for its durability because silk screen printing can last for thousands of washes without fading, making it possibly the longest lasting method of print in Singapore.

It is also very cost efficient, especially for bulk quantity printing. If you are printing in bulk quantities, chances are silk screen printing will give you the best prices.

Lead time of Silk screen printing

Our lead-time for ink screen printing services is about 5 working days from the start of processing of our orders. We believe this is the sweet spot for timeline to allow our experts enough time to provide you the best quality printing for your apparels to give you your dream T-Shirts!

If you require express silk screen printing services in Singapore, do get in touch with and we’ll let you know on the feasibility of your project!

Learn more about Silkscreen Printing here.

3. Embroidery

Next, we are going to look into embroidery services in Singapore. Embroidery involves the simple use of threads made into designs or logos as per your customisation needs.

The simplest explanation of embroidery is that it involves intricate needlework where colored threads are stitched onto a piece of fabric or product to form a design or pattern.

Why Choose Embroidery Service?

Embroidery is very popular on corporate apparels as it adds professionalism and classy touch to your apparels.

Since it is sewed directly onto the apparels, embroidery services are also long lasting and very durable.

Lead time of Embroidery Services

Our lead-time for Embroidery services is about 7 working days from the start of processing of our orders. We believe this is the sweet spot for timeline to allow our experts enough time to provide you the best quality for Embroidery.

If you require express embroidery services in Singapore, do get in touch with and we’ll let you know on the feasibility of your project!

Learn more about Embroidery services here.

4. Digital Heat Transfer Printing

Singapore Airlines Ltd - Black Dri-Fit Polo Shirt (Chest View)

Next, we are going to look into Heat transfer printing services in Singapore. It is a process where the design is first printed onto pvc or vinyl material before being heat pressed onto the apparel. It creates a layer of thin vinyl sticker on top of the T-shirt.

It is also the method of print for Individual Names + Numbers on the T-Shirts or apparels.

Why Choose Heat Transfer Printing Service?

If you have designs that comes in many colors or gradient colors, silk screen printing will not be feasible, or it can get very expensive.

Digital Heat Transfer Printing, has the capability to print full-colored designs at affordable prices.

Lead time of Heat Transfer Printing Service

Our lead-time for Heat Transfer Printing services will be about 5 working days after confirmation of order. This is similar to the silk screen printing services.

If you require express printing services in Singapore, do get in touch with and we’ll let you know on the feasibility of your project!

Learn more about Digital Heat Transfer Printing here.

5. Sublimation Printing

Sublimation printing is the process where ink is sublimated into the fabric (100% nylon / polyester) at high temperature.

The unique feature of sublimation printing is precisely that the ink is in the fabric. This is in contrast to other digital transfer methods such as digital heat transfer printing where the printing is done on the exterior of the fabric.

Why Choose Sublimation Printing Service?

If you have designs that comes in many colors or gradient colors, silk screen printing will not be feasible, or it can get very expensive.

Sublimation printing is able to print unlimited colors of design onto the polyester dri-fit fabric. It also involves a cut & sew process after the printing of designs to create an “all-over” printing of apparels.

Lead time of Sublimation Printing

Our lead-time for Sublimation Printing services will be about 3-4 weeks after confirmation of order. It is similar to made-to-order apparels because there are no readily available sublimated products with your designs.

Learn more about Sublimation Printing here.

6. Direct-to-Garment DTG Printing

Last but not least, there is the latest technology of printing – DTG Printing.

Imagine having a big printer, and you print directly onto the garment, for example t-shirts, using modified inkjet technology. This method allows you to print your picture directly onto your apparel without losing any of the details.

Why Choose DTG Printing Service?

If you have designs that comes in many colors or gradient colors, silk screen printing will not be feasible, or it can get very expensive.

It is also capable of printing real life images or complex designs on t-shirts.

Lead time of DTG Printing

Our lead-time for DTG Printing services will be about 10 working days after confirmation of order.

This is because, just like a printer, you can only print 1 T-Shirt at a time and it is not scalable in terms of production speed.

Learn more about Direct to Garment DTG Printing here.

Still unsure about all the T-Shirt Printing Services?

How to customize T-Shirts from $5/piece?

Here are some ways to follow while designing your custom T-Shirts to keep the cost as low as possible!

At this point of this post, you would know the T-Shirt products that are readily available for customization. You would’ve been familiarized with the different printing methods that you can use for your customization.

Now, we’re going to show you how to mix both knowledge together to keep you customization costing as long as you can, and perhaps from even just $5/piece! No we’re not kidding at all!

To customize T-Shirts from $5+ a piece, you will need to expect to customize T-Shirts from at least 50 pieces and above.

If you only plan to order less than 20 pieces, do check out where you can customize them for reasonable prices here: No Minimum Order T-Shirt Printing in Singapore? Here Are 3 Places to Get A Few Pieces of Custom T-shirts!

There are 3 main factors that we’re going to share today to keep your costing low.

For illustration purposes, we will be using Basic Cotton Round Neck T-Shirts as an example in terms of giving you an idea of the quotation.

1. Quantity

Quantity refers to the number of pieces of T-Shirts or products that you are looking to customize. There is a simple rule to follow when it comes to quantity.

We specialize in bulk quantity customization hence we are able to pass off the costs saving to our customers at bigger quantity.

The simple rule to follow is that quantity and price is inversely proportional to each other.

i) Higher Quantity = Lower Price of customization
ii) Lower Quantity = Higher Price of customization 

So by following the guide above, it is good to have a higher quantity for your order to get a lower pricing. This is on the assumption you are comparing apple to apple in terms of customization, and quantity is the only changing variable.

Based on the Basic Cotton Round Neck T-Shirts, you will need at least 50 pieces in quantity to get a customization of $5+ a piece with 1 Color logo, silkscreen printing on one location.

2. Printing methods

Different printing method will affect the quotation required. Silkscreen printing is the most cost efficient at bulk quantities.

Embroidery is known to be more expensive than silkscreen ink printing but they can be cheaper at lower quantities for logos with more than 2-3 colors.

Confusing? Don’t worry, we’ll try to keep it as simple as possible for you.

We will be using Basic Cotton Round Neck T-Shirts, to compare the prices for the different printing methods below.

  • Silkscreen printing: If you’re looking for silkscreen ink printing at $5+ a piece, you’ll need at least 50 pieces in quantity and you’ll be able to customize it with 1 color logo ink printing. If your quantity is lower or you have more than 1 color of logo to print, then the price will be higher.
  • Embroidery: If you’re looking for embroidery thread logo at $5+ a piece, you’ll need at least 160 pieces in quantity and you’ll be able to customize it with a logo embroidery (within 3″ size) up to 9 colors in terms of thread colors. If your quantity is lower, then the price will be higher.
  • Digital Heat Transfer Printing: If you’re looking for full color logo, heat transfer printing at $5+ a piece, you’ll need at least 100 pieces in quantity and you’ll be able to customize it with a 1x Full color logo, heat transfer printing method. If your quantity is lower, then the price will be higher.

3. Product model

Different product models come at different pricing. For the cheapest product, do check out our Best Prices items for the lowest prices in the market even if you find them elsewhere!

However, if you’re looking for the cheapest item, then Basic Cotton Round Neck T-Shirts is the cheapest cotton T-Shirt you can find in our catalogue! It also boasts a huge range of colors for you to choose from!

There you go! 3 factors to look out for when customizing your T-Shirts!

How to quickly find Cheap T-Shirts at different quantities?

Find T-Shirt products you can customize from just $5/piece in a matter of seconds!

Now you should have enough knowledge to know what to look out for to keep the prices of customization as low as possible.

But do you have an urgent project and do not have the time to source through our catalogue? Are you also on a budget to customize your T-Shirt project? Do you simply want to source out products that you can get for a certain cost for a certain number of quantity?

Now you can! We’re here to show you how to find products that you can get from $5 at different quantities!

  • Step 1 – Visit our Instant Search platform here: Instant Search
  • Step 2 – Tick the T-Shirts filter under Product Category on the left hand side. (scroll down for this filter on mobile)
  • Step 3 – Select your desired quantity
  • Step 4 – Select your budget “$5.00 – $9.99”
  • Step 5 – A range of products will be showed to you with instant quotes and hopefully you find something that suits your requirement! 

You will find something like this. At 40-49 quantity with a budget of $5.00-$9.99, we have found 40+ T-Shirt products to customize!

instant search for T-shirt 5 dollars


Summary of the Ultimate Guide of T-Shirt Printing in Singapore

There you have it! The Ultimate Guide to T-Shirt Printing in Singapore! 

We aimed at creating an in-depth article about everything you need to know about T-Shirt Printing in Singapore

We have shared with you how you can use T-Shirt Printing to your advantage, the different products that are available for customisation, and also the printing services that you can use depending on your needs. And also a quick way to find T-Shirt products that is within your budget instantly!

If there are still questions you have unanswered about T-Shirt Printing in Singapore, let us know in the comments and we’ll address your concerns!

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Super fuss-free experience. Their website has all the information you need to choose the right shirt for your needs – great range of cotton shirt to choose from.Prices are also transparent. They clearly state the price of printing so I feel assured I’m not being overcharged. Bulk printing is cheaper too, but even when I ordered 30 shirts it came at a really affordable price.Ordered the Gildan Premium Cotton Tee in Heather Grey. Super soft cotton tee, not too stiff or thick like the standard ones you get at other tee printing shops. So loved that I got to choose the quality of cotton tee.Printed logo came out great too! A4 size single colour print was sufficient to fill the shirt nicely!
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Very easy to deal with! Replies were prompt and the company was very helpful with catering to my requests and enquiries.
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Great customer service by Janice! Good quality print and quality of shirt also
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3rd time our company has made staff t-shirts from MeowPrint and we love it more each time! White, ash grey and my favourite colour is the latest royal blue! Very comfy and durable – we wear them every day and they are still holding up well. Definitely value for money. Great service from Xiao Fen too 🙂 Thanks a lot!
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We highly recommend MeowPrint for your corporate uniform needs. The staff was responsive and efficient throughout our ordering process and we did not have to wait very long or chase for replies. The pricing of their polo tees with embroidery is also very reasonable and value-for-money. Thank you, MeowPrint!
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The price for Polo Tee Printing from Meow Print is reasonable.The material and colour of the shirt look exactly the same as the catalogue.I would like to Special commenting Xiao Fen , the sales representative. She have been very patience and helpful from the start till the shirts are handed over to the customer.Will return for more tshirt printing .
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Xiao Fen provided prompt and helpful tips during the ordering process. As I was pressed for the order, Meow Print produced and delivered the order earlier than the expected time. Thank you, Meow Print team!
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Danial Suhaimi
04:49 10 Apr 20
I had an amazing and incredible experience with MeowPrint. The customer service was done excellently and the production of the hoodies was completed within a day! The job was done and the quality is superb. I totally recommend going through MeowPrint for your custom T-shirt printing!
Alexandre LOO
Alexandre LOO
14:28 06 Apr 20
Ordering and production was fast and service was friendly 😃😃😃
hui min
hui min
05:51 31 Mar 20
Fuss-free and pleasant experience dealing with Meow Print! High quality prints for an affordable price. Would recommend 🙂
06:59 30 Mar 20
Bella Luna
Bella Luna
00:33 26 Mar 20
Printing and apparels quality were good and overall satisfied with the services provided.
Cher Ting
Cher Ting
06:01 24 Mar 20
Amazing and friendly customer service. Was very patient as i gathered up the information needed for the shirts and was easy to discuss with. Fast responder and completed the shirts on time. The shirts have great, clear printing and is made of good quality, overall great experience with them.
Leena Aw
Leena Aw
03:51 23 Mar 20
rebecca teo
rebecca teo
03:51 17 Mar 20
isabel koo
isabel koo
03:18 17 Mar 20
CheeKeong Koo
CheeKeong Koo
03:16 17 Mar 20
Great products, super quick efficient service, 100% recommend
sally lodey
sally lodey
01:26 17 Mar 20
Everything was straight forward and fast. That’s the key! Once design and quality of material for your apparel is confirmed. You will receive your goods in the given time frame.
Bryce Kho
Bryce Kho
00:36 17 Mar 20
Prompt with their assistance and received goods as planned, will come back again to order more! Thanks Meowprint!
Linda Wang.Matthew
Linda Wang.Matthew
16:26 16 Mar 20
janelle chia
janelle chia
08:13 16 Mar 20
Impressive lead time and quality of shirts delivered! Highly recommended for anyone looking for T-shirt printing!
Sebastian Png
Sebastian Png
09:09 07 Mar 20
Meow Print responded to my emails and calls super quickly. They were also prompt in creating design samples to ensure that we are on the same page when it came to printing the shirts. Most importantly! Their heat transfer printing quality is great! the colors came out well!
enge xue
enge xue
10:38 05 Mar 20

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