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T-Shirt Printing Singapore No Minimum Order: 3 Best Places To Get One Piece Customized T-Shirts (2024)

Are you looking to print only one piece or a few pieces of T-Shirts in Singapore? Here are 3 best places that can provide printing services with No Minimum Order (MOQ) quantity!

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No minimum order T-Shirt printing in Singapore

T-Shirt Printing Singapore No Minimum Order

Are you looking to print only one piece or a few pieces of T-Shirts or products with no minimum order quantity in Singapore? Have you been asking around “what is your Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?” That’s probably how you found us!

Yes, we are a T-Shirt printing Singapore company but we provide bulk printing with a Minimum order quantity (MOQ) of at least 20 pieces!

Why is our MOQ so high to some of you? Well, different companies specialize in different niche, and we happen to specialize in bulk quantities!

Are You Looking For Customization?

If you’re looking for T-Shirts or Corporate Gifts of at least 20 pieces and above, we can help you!

Nevertheless, it does not mean you have hit a roadblock here today at this article!

The purpose of this article is to show you the way to some of the places we know that can provide you the small quantities of Custom T-Shirts & other products that suits your needs! They may even do 1 or 2 piece just for you!

We will provide you a list of the printing places you can check out to meet your No Minimum Order Quantity printing needs.

But do expect to pay a higher premium for them since the cost is only spread across either 1 or a few pieces of products.

These places are also known for being printing hubs in Singapore. Each of them consist of printing stores that is more specialised in certain types of printing services and we will share with you the greatest strengths of each of the places, along with the names of the recommended shops in them.

By doing so, it will save you time from visiting different printing websites just to find out their MOQ is 20 pieces, just like us!

What We Found Out

Be prepared to pay a higher cost for 1-10 pieces of products due to higher set up cost spread across a small quantity of products!

There are many printing shops that provide no minimum order quantity in Singapore. Most of them are already within your heartland mall or shopping centre. Don’t believe us? Try looking a little harder and you may find them more visible, since you need the service now.

Are the printing shops nearest to you the best in Singapore? It is difficult to tell but if you need no minimum order job to be done, you might just engage their services since their shops are nearby, and you would want to save a trip to go somewhere farther.

There will always be a better printing shop out there in Singapore, and you just need a little bit of help to find them. And we hope we will help you with this article.

❓ Why are No Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) So Popular in Singapore?

We understand that there is a whole spectrum of customers that have different needs. Even big corporations have come to us and are looking to customize a few pieces of T-Shirts. Weird? Not really.

As we have said, even big corporations may need just one piece or a few pieces of customized T-Shirts just for a business pitch or event that does not require a lot of manpower. Quality over quantity. 

Perhaps you have a birthday party coming up? Or your baby’s first birthday? You were looking to customize a family T-Shirt? This could be why you need a few pieces of custom T-Shirts only.

Another enquiry we get is for kids who would like to print their favorite superheroes. Or drawings at a pre-school where teachers would like to print 1 design per T-Shirt for the students

Last but not least why you may need a no Minimum Order Quantity printing services would be for your wedding! Groom squad or Bridesmaids squad will need their own form of identity for the gatecrash!

Do note that most of the time, these few pieces of T-Shirts will be printed via the most cost effective printing method for small quantity: Heat Transfer Printing or DTG Printing (On white cotton t-shirts only).

PRO TIP: As thorough as we can be, be sure to do your due diligence and use our list as a guide to choose your preferred vendor!

1. No Minimum Order Printing Services at Sunshine Plaza

Sunshine Plaza Singapore

⭐ Sunshine Plaza Mall is Best Known For

  • Banner printing
  • Calendar printing
  • Customised corporate gifts like mugs, caps & bags
  • Digital Photo printing
  • Flyers, brochures & ticket printing
  • Large format printing
  • Name card printing
  • Poster printing
  • Sticker printing
  • T-Shirts & Apparel Printing

Sunshine plaza mall is by far the biggest printing hub in Singapore that we know of. They may not be a shopping destination, but they are a printing destination. It is located in located between Dhoby Ghaut and Bugis.

It is a popular printing hub and most people who visit this place will most likely require a printing service. The wide range of different printing services that the different stores offer also means that there will be shops offering no minimum order quantity!

We believe they are popular because they have many stores that are able to provide good customer service, competitive prices and also great quality of print.

Some of them can also provide no minimum order print-on-demand services which you can get your order done as quick as 1 hour! Save time by getting all your printing done here!

📍 Location

Its exact location would be here according to Google Map,

📍 Address (In Google):
91 Bencoolen St, Singapore 189652

🕒 Sunshine Plaza Mall Opening Hours (In Google):
Monday-Sunday, 10am-6pm

🏃‍♂️ How To Get to Sunshine Plaza Mall
🚌 Nearest Bus Stop
Bus 857, 56, 64, 65, 131, 139, 147 and 166
Walking 0 mins from bus stop B07571

🚆 Nearest MRT station
Bras Basah MRT (CC2)
Walking 5 mins from Exit E to here

2. No Minimum Order Printing Services at Queensway Shopping Centre

⭐ Queensway Shopping Centre is Best Known For

  • Banner printing
  • Document printing services – For brochures & Flyers
  • Embroidery services
  • Gifts & Souvenir printing services
  • Large format & poster printing services
  • Name card printing
  • Office supplies 
  • Photocopying services
  • Sticker printing
  • T-Shirts, Jersey & Uniform Printing

Queensway shopping centre is another popular destination for no minimum order printing services.

The printing shops here specialise more on apparels and T-Shirt printing services. Not only that, there are also stores that provide embroidery services for your goods such as apparels, caps or gifts.

They accept orders of any size. Whether it’s 1 piece or 100 pieces order, they will be able to help you. 

It is a popular place for students who would love to customise their class T-Shirts. It is also popular for couples who would love to customise 1 or 2 pieces and get the same day printing services.

It is a popular place for students who would love to customise their class T-Shirts. It is also popular for couples who would love to customise 1 or 2 pieces and get the same day printing services.

📍 Location

Its exact location would be here according to Google Map,

📍 Address (In Google):
3 Queensway, Singapore 149073

🕒 Queensway Shopping Centre Opening Hours (In Google):
Monday-Sunday, 8am-10.30pm

🏃‍♂️ How To Get to Queensway Shopping Centre
🚌 Nearest Bus Stop
Bus 61, 120, 14, 33, 51, 93, 100, 195 & 197

🚆 Nearest MRT station
Queenstown MRT (EW19)
Walking 12 mins from Exit A to here

3. No Minimum Order Printing Services at Bras Basah Complex

⭐ Bras Bash Complex is Best Known For

  • Banner & Signage printing services
  • Book printing services
  • Brochure printing services
  • Custom Calendar printing services
  • Document printing services
  • Name card printing services
  • Office supplies 
  • Post cards printing services
  • Poster printing services
  • Ring binding services

Bras basah complex is an old building but it still attracts many people who are looking for office supplies, name card printing or no minimum order printing services.

Many corporate office working adults visit here if they require a quick printing job of a couple of pieces during lunch hours or after work.

📍 Location

Its exact location would be here according to Google Map,

📍 Address (In Google):
231 Bain St, Singapore 180231

🕒 Bras Basah Complex Opening Hours (In Google):
Monday-Thursday, 10am-7pm
Friday-Sunday, 10am-9pm

🏃‍♂️ How To Get to Bras Basah Complex
🚌 Nearest Bus Stop
Bus 61, 851, 7, 32, 51, 63, 80, 145, 175 and 197
Walking 1 mins from bus stop B01029
Nearest MRT station

🚆 Nearest MRT station
Bras Basah MRT (CC2)
Walking 4 mins from Exit A to here


There you have it! 3 Best Places to Get One Piece Custom T-shirt with No Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ).

Each printing hub houses T-Shirt printing stores that can provide the one piece or just a couple of pieces of T-Shirts that you are looking for.

They might be able to print on the spot and you can get your order in a matter of hours!

On a site note, if you are looking for at least 20 pieces and above, you’re already at our website! We specialize in bulk T-Shirt printing and apparels customization.

Our website is also built to provide everyone convenience to search what is available in the Singapore T-shirt printing market. Start by browsing our catalogue here today!

Get instant price quotes for T-Shirts & Corporate Gifts here!
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