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T-Shirt Printing and Corporate Gift Printing Singapore

Best Corporate Gifts Supplier in Singapore

We aim to provide the best corporate gifting services in Singapore by providing quality corporate giftscompetitive pricing and fast leadtime.

Unique & Good Quality Corporate Gifts

We aim to provide the good quality customised corporate gifts for customisation for everyone.

We do our best to ensure that we meet your needs as best as possible so that you will be satisfied with your order.

Affordable Pricing For Corporate Gifts In Bulk

With our cheap corporate gifts customization services, we do our best to work within your budget to keep prices as low as possible for you.

From only $5 per gift, you can easily find a corporate gift within budget.

Get Order Quickly with Fast Printing & Leadtime

Get your custom corporate gift order quickly in Singapore with our lightning fast service

Our sales team is here to provide the best customised gifts printing services in Singapore. Get your order as quick as 5-7 working days, worry-free!​

Printing Services

When it comes to corporate gift printing services, there are various printing methods to achieve your customisation! The different printing methods might be more suitable than others to achieve a better printing effect and better cost-efficiency.

Custom-Made Gifts

Customise from scratch from a minimum order quantity of only 50 pieces.

You have the choice to choose your material, fabric, type of apparel, sizing and so much more.

Learn Custom Made Gifts

Silk Screen Printing​

Most popular method of print due to its durable & cost efficiency.

The costs is spread across quantity, hence, very cost economical for printing bulk quantities.

The ink used to print can last many washes.

Learn Silkscreen Printing​

Embroidery Printing

Embroidery is popular on corporate apparels.

Embroidery adds a classy touch of professionalism to your apparels.

It is the use of threads and adds a texture to your logo and making it come alive.

Learn Embroidery

Digital Heat Transfer Printing

This method is suitable to print full-coloured designs with gradient colours.

The design is first printed onto pvc material before being heat pressed onto the apparel.

Also used for Individual Name + Number printing.

Learn Heat Transfer Printing

Dye Sublimation Printing

Sublimation is an all-over printing method. This is commonly customised on 100% nylon / polyester fabric material such as cycling apparels.

Sublimation allows you to print unlimited number of colors for your design.

Learn Dye Sublimation Printing
DTG printing thumbnail

Direct-To-Garment (DTG) Printing

This popular direct-to-garment (DTG) printing is the latest technology of printing onto apparels.

Imagine having a big printer, and you print directly onto the garment (eg. T-shirts) without losing any of the details.

Learn DTG Printing

Stay Ahead In Industry With Corporate Gifting

Learn how you can stay ahead in your industry with customised corporate gifts! You can explore branding, or even create effective marketing campaigns with customized gifts. You can even create unique team identity with customisable gifts!

What Are Corporate Gifts?

Why Corporate Gifts?



Team Identity

Corporate gifts in Singapore are gift items given by businesses to their employees, clients, or partners as a way to show appreciation, build relationships, or promote their brand.

Corporate gifts can be as simple as customised lanyards, custom bags, notebooks, custom bottles, branded pens or as luxurious as high-end electronics. In Singapore, MeowPrint can help you with corporate gift ideas and customization options to meet the specific needs of any business.

At MeowPrint, we provide gift printing methods such as screen printing, embroidery, digital heat transfer printing, dye sublimation printing or digital printing.

Corporate gifts in Singapore can be a powerful marketing tool, as they allow businesses to leave a lasting impression on their recipients and demonstrate their appreciation in a tangible way. They can also help to strengthen relationships and foster a sense of community within a company.

Whether you are looking to thank your employees, impress your clients, or promote your brand, we have got you covered!

At MeowPrint, we can provide quick turnaround times, good quality corporate gifts & printing techniques and a wide range of customization options, making it very convenient for you to find the perfect corporate gift in Singapore!

We are a custom corporate gift supplier that has worked with thousands of customers from all across every industries in Singapore to provide customized corporate gifts printing solutions. You can have a lot of impact with custom gifting because there are many benefits to creating your own customised corporate gifts Singapore

1. A unique customised gift such as a customised lanyard can serve as a branding tool for you as a business owner or an individual. When people use your customized corporate gifts, they are exposed to your brand, services and products. Also, having customised corporate gift is a great way to boost morale within your company or your group of friends.

2. Corporate Gifting can also be used as an effective marketing tool to generate more revenue and sales for your businesses. What’s more, it can be used by you (or your company) to raise money for worthwhile causes.

3. Customising Corporate gifts is also a great way to create your own unique identity among your friends, community or groups that make you stand out from the crowd. These custom gifts are especially great especially for events or sports team identity.

Looking for gift ideas in Singapore? At MeowPrint, we understand the importance to shop the right corporate gifts for your clients and employees. That’s why we offer a wide selection of high quality custom corporate gifts in Singapore.

Whether you’re looking for gift accessories, something practical or something a little more luxurious, we have a wide range of gifts for people to choose from.

Our team of dedicated gift lovers are obsessed with helping you find the perfect gift in Singapore! With us, you will get quality custom gifts and we will work with you to ensure that you get the best possible product at the best possible price.

For corporate gifts supplier in Singapore, quality is very important for us! That is why we offer the unique gifts in Singapore to choose from with the best quality, the best selection, and the best customer service in the industry.

If you are looking to buy suitable premium corporate gifts for various people today, we make it the most simplicity experience here at MeowPrint and make your next corporate gifting experience a success!

Get your brand noticed with a customised corporate gifts! It is a fun and inexpensive way to increase your visibility with your target audience.

You could even create personalized corporate gifts to promote your branding. There are many types of custom corporate gifts available that can be used by employees, clients and customers.

Customized gifts are a great way to get your name in front of your customers. The door gifts can be customized with your company logo or a message that you want to convey to your customers. These shirts are basically walking advertisement for your brand!

If you are Food & Beverage (F&B) business owner, maybe you would like corporate T-shirts uniform for employees to wear to promote your branding so every customer that walks in will be exposed to your brand as well.

Another way of branding would be to create corporate T shirt printing with your brand as a corporate gifting for employees, or giveaway for your best customers. These corporate T shirts will help to maintain a long-term business relationship.

Custom Corporate gifting can also be used as an effective marketing tool to generate more revenue and sales for your businesses. By running marketing campaigns with giveaways of custom door gifts printed with your brand logo, you will be able to convert your prospects and leads into actual sales.

If you having a roadshow or pop-up events, giving out custom printed door gifts such as a customised notebook can also humanize the interaction between potential customers and yourself. The customised corporate gifts will spark interest and they will understand where you are coming from, and be more willing to listen to what you have to offer.

If you are promoting an eco-friendly environment campaigns, you can also print on eco-friendly printed T-shirts and corporate gifts which will be in line with your branding for sustainability.

MeowPrint also keeps the costs of corporate gifts low for you when creating customized gifts so that your return on investment will be higher.

With personalised unique corporate gifts, each group will be able to create their own identity with custom printed gifts. Some examples of groups that can create unique identity with Singapore Corporate Gifts:

  • Students who are looking for Class T-shirts, CCA Club T-shirts, or school camps tees.
  • Organisations or corporate companies uniform, events or corporate T-shirts.
  • Community groups such as sports teams, music groups or charity events and more.
  • Religious group events such as camps or charity drive.

By having unique identity custom gifts, it creates a sense of unity among the group when everyone is using the same corporate gift. Especially for competing sports teams, you will need different unique team apparels to differentiate yourself from the other groups.

Why Choose Us?

If you are looking for corporate gifts services, we believe we can provide the best for you by providing you a huge range of unique productscompetitive pricing and one of the quickest leadtime in Singapore!

Best Custom Corporate Gifts Company in Singapore

400+ Unique Corporate Gifts To Customise

Affordable & Cheap Pricing For Customisation

Fastest & Quickest Printing Lead time in Singapore

Instant Prices Quotes Online to Save YOU time

Various Printing Services To Meet Your Printing Needs

Singapore Registered Vendor on Many Platforms

MeowPrint always strives to be the best corporate gift company in Singapore that provides reliable customised gift printing services in Singapore. We aim to do so by providing solutions for corporate gifting at great value.

1. Affordable pricing
We print bulk quantities of corporate gifts daily, and able to pass on the cost-savings to you! We’ll be able to provide competitive and affordable pricing for your next project. We’ll do our best to work within your budget and get your order delivered!

2. Good Quality
We do our best to provide good quality corporate gifts in Singapore. We aim to provide the best value for quality and pricing for your customised unique corporate gifts.

3. Quick Leadtime
We deliver your orders lightning fast. For local ready-stock items, you can get them as quick as 5-7 working days!

4. Low Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)
Our MOQ starts from only 20 pieces per design! Whether you are looking to customise corporate gifts for branding or as a form of boosting employees morale, our unique products will be able to meet your needs. If you are looking for no minimum order quantity (MOQ), you can learn where to get them from our blog.

Learn more about us here!

We are a Corporate Gifts Supplier in Singapore and we carry one of the biggest range of catalogue of corporate gifts Singapore locally.

We carry a huge range of corporate gifts such as Custom Lanyards, Custom PatchesPins & Badges, Personal Care, Customised Bags, Customised Towels, Drinkware, Office Supplies, Custom Notebooks and Umbrellas.

If you have specific needs, we have Promotional Gifts, Eco-Friendly Gifts, Door Gifts and Premium Gifts as well.

On top of Corporate Gifts in Singapore, we also provide T-Shirts, Polo T-Shirts, Outerwear, Singlets, Caps, Corporate uniform, Workwear and Shorts & Pants.

We regularly update our catalogue, so our customers can find the latest trends of corporate gift ideas they wish to customise in Singapore.

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic that we are facing, we provide customised face masks products to keep everyone protected as well.

We are able to keep our services affordable and provide cheap corporate gift services due to a couple of reasons.

1. Economy of scale

Due to large quantity of corporate gifts that we customise, we’re able to lower down the average cost of printing and gifts. We’re able to pass this cost-savings to our customers to provide them with the cheapest printing prices in Singapore.

2. Dedicated sales team

When it comes to customization, there are many ways to achieve the printing method depending on factors such as type of gift, quantity, number of colors to print and many more. The same design that is being provided can cost differently depending on the printing methods that we use to print.

So if you have a budget in mind, do let us know and our team will do their best to provide the recommended printing method to achieve your budget. Here are some of the factors that affect the printing pricing:

  1. Quantity
  2. Number of colors of design logo to be printed
  3. Size of design to be printed
  4. Number of location / position of printing
  5. Corporate gift product (some may cost more than others)

Everyone loves quick & fast corporate gift services to get their orders as soon as possible. Therefore, we aim to provide one of the quickest, if not, the fastest customised gift lead-time in Singapore.

Our standard printing lead-time (Silk screen printing or Heat transfer printing) is as fast as 5 working days! We also provide High Quality Embroidery services as quick as 7 working days. Although we do not provide instant same day corporate gift printing, we are able to provide express T Shirt printing Singapore rush services!

Once your order is completed, our delivery team will then deliver to your doorstep. If you want even more cost savings, you can self-collect from our showroom for free!

We are the only Corporate Gift Supplier in Singapore to provide Transparent Instant Price Quotes for our customers. No more wondering where to customise gifts in Singapore that provides you instant price quote for your corporate gift ideas anymore!

Our prices includes customised gift printing, name or number prints which you can also print to personalise your corporate gift. You can now get instant price quotations for all items in our catalogue in a matter of seconds!

As a corporate gift supplier in Singapore with transparent instant pricing, we are confident that we are providing the market with competitive yet affordable prices. Our affordable pricing is suitable for everyone who wants to customize gifts, from students for their class tees, to working adults for their corporate tees.

Since we provide online corporate gifting service and serve the whole of Singapore, you need not worry about finding a corporate gift near me (you) company to help you out. You can do everything online with us instead of finding a corporate gifts near you! Another time-saver if you wish to order corporate gifts in Singapore.

If you need a Corporate Gift supplier for door gifts, do get in touch with us for the cheapest corporate gifts prices!

MeowPrint specialize in a wide range of printing services as we aim to meet the needs of every customer in Singapore. If you have custom corporate T-Shirt printing designs, we can provide Custom Made-to Order Corporate T-Shirts and Uniforms for your company.

If you are a Student or a Teacher in school, we provide Class T-Shirt printing and Sports Jersey printing for your team identity at cheap prices! If you are event organizers, you could be interested in Dri-Fit T-Shirt printing and also wholesale Plain T-Shirts in Singapore.

We also provide bags customization such as Canvas Bags, Drawstring bags & Non-woven bags with printing in Singapore. If you are looking for an outerwear for your company or school, there is Windbreaker customization, Hoodie printing and many more!

MeowPrint is a Registered Vendor in Singapore on many platforms to cater to different organisations, companies and schools.

To name a few, we are a registered vendor with GeBIZ, Vendors@Gov, NHG, SAP Ariba and many others.

We’re always taking on new customers with different platforms so we can quickly provide you services with ease and convenience when it comes to payment

If you’re from corporate companies or organisations looking for promotional corporate gifts, get in touch with us to learn more on the credit payment terms!

Customers Reviews

We strive to deliver the best Corporate Gifts printing services. Check out genuine customer reviews about us!

I had a good experience at Meowprint! Shirts were printed with speed despite our short lead time and many changes, and cost was low. Would highly recommend!
Tiger A
Tiger A
17:17 01 Jun 23
Helpful and quick response.
Zeros lim
Zeros lim
02:10 01 Jun 23
sales rep was accommodating and responsive, products were promptly delivered without delay, pleasant transaction
Tessa Ho
Tessa Ho
14:05 31 May 23
The price is the best out there but they do not compromise on quality. The customer service is really good, and the embroidery for the custom windbreakers I ordered for my class are really pretty! They are open to amendments before the sample is approved too! I also recommended to other schoolmates for their own classes/ccas. Will order again next time!Area of improvement could be the time taken to reply emails for amendment as that delayed the delivery date. But I understand that you receive a lot of emails and missed it accidentally. Overall really good though! I still recommend!
George Chua
George Chua
11:49 30 May 23
Great price, quality and timely delivery. Have bought this past few events and service is great.
jenny lim
jenny lim
06:32 27 May 23
Excellent Service, super fast response and high quality gift. Highly recommended
Natha KP
Natha KP
12:49 17 May 23
Recently ordered some customised t shirts from Meow Print. Very pleasant service from Xiao Fen and the T shirts quality is good and the the printing was done nicely. Everything was communicated promptly via emails. I will definitely use Meow Print again in the near future!
Angela Chan
Angela Chan
06:07 17 May 23
MeowPrint T-Shirt Printing offers a wide variety of fabric types and colours to choose from and their pricing is very attractive as well as competitive. In addition, the services rendered are both timely and efficient. Highly recommended!
Zahrin Nasir
Zahrin Nasir
08:27 10 May 23
I recently had the pleasure of working with MeowPrint T-Shirt Printing for a custom t-shirt order, and I couldn't be happier with the results. From start to finish, the team was professional, responsive, and efficient. They were able to accommodate my specific design requests, and the printing quality was top-notch. The shirts arrived on time and looked even better in person. I highly recommend MeowPrint T-Shirt Printing for any custom apparel needs.
Lim Lim
Lim Lim
06:45 05 May 23
It was a pleasant and smooth working experience with MeowPrint. The staff is responsive and accomodating with the customisation request. Thank you!
Sharon Yeung
Sharon Yeung
06:38 05 May 23
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