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Customised Face Masks are essential personal care products during this trying times of COVID-19. At MeowPrint, you can now customize your very own customised reusable face masks at affordable prices via silk screen printingembroidery or sublimation printing methods!

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💡 Get Cheap Customised Reusable Face Mask from $2.88/pc in 2024

🔍 ​Are you looking for cheap wholesale Customized Face Masks in Singapore? Then you are at the right place!

We provide customized reusable face masks printing singapore especially to combat the COVID-19 pandemic that we are all facing at the moment.

Whether you are looking for plain wholesale custom face maskspersonalised face masks, or customize face mask with logo printing, we have them in our face masks catalogue.

Our custom fabric face masks are especially popular among everyone from corporate companiesschools, as well as organisations. They usually customize face masks with their own logo printing for team identity and also to keep them themselves protected from the COVID-19 at the same time.

At MeowPrint, we carry different product models of custom face masks in Singapore for you to choose from. We have ready-stock custom face masks to cater to simple custom face masks with lower minimum order quantity (MOQ).

We also carry custom-made face masks which we produce from scratch. This allows more flexibility in customisation as well as better masks pricing in bulk quantities!

You can learn more about the different face masks hereWhere To Get Reusable Mask in Singapore: Best Places Singaporeans Can Buy Reusable Face Masks Online From.

All custom face masks will be able to provide you with your very own unique customised reusable face masks Singapore.

⚡ To bring you up to speed, we’ll address the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about customizing your own customised reusable face masks!

🤔 Are All Custom Face Masks The Same?​

There are many different kinds of custom face masks that are available these days.

The most popular that many of us use is the surgical face masks. To save on wastage, many are turning to custom reusable face masks, which we specialize in!

We customise different face masks shape from 3D-Shape custom mask, Ninja face masks, Fitted face masks and many more.

Most of our masks are cloth fabric face masks that aims to provide basic protection for the users.

You can learn more about the different face masks hereWhere To Get Reusable Mask in Singapore: Best Places Singaporeans Can Buy Reusable Face Masks Online From.

💵 Do All Custom Face Masks Cost The Same?​

Different customised face masks Singapore comes with different prices tag.

What you will get with your customised face mask will be a carefully tailored face mask printed with your very design. It will definitely feel very personal for you as these mask are created personalised for you.

You can customize our face masks for as low as $3.11/pc (incl. GST). This will be based on 500 pieces of our best selling Ninja Reusable Fabric Face Mask w/ Elastic Earloop.

There are other masks as well that can have different costs depending on the protection level and specifications (such as anti-bacterial feature).

🛠️ What Printing Methods Are Available for Customised Face Masks?​

If you’re looking for customization of face masks, then there are 4 possible printing services which are suitable for printing face masks!

Please do note that although there are various options of customisation available, not all are suitable for every face masks. This is where our dedicated sales team will assist you and advise you accordingly based on your custom face masks requirements!

1. Silk Screen Printing

Silkscreen printing is the method of ink printing of your logo onto the face masks. This is generally the most cost-efficient method of print, especially at higher quantities.

However if you have multiple colors of logo to print, at a low quantity, perhaps the other methods of print will suit you better. Learn more about silk screen printing.

2. Embroidery

Embroidery is the weaving of thread to make your design stand out professionally and classy!

Logo Embroidery is usually used to print out solid colored company logos onto the face masks.

Logo embroidery is only available for masks that are made from scratch as the backing of embroidery will be sewed in between the mask layers so it does not come into contact with your face to cause any discomfort.

If you are looking to create personalised face masks in Singapore, we can also embroider individual names or callsign on each mask so that each mask is personalized to each owner.

3. Digital Heat Transfer Printing

This is a popular printing method, especially when it comes to face masks!

Most ready-stock or ready-made face masks are built with an additional inner layer which does not allow us to silkscreen print your logo well onto the masks.

Therefore digital heat transfer printing will be the printing method that will be suitable! This method will be the printing of your design onto Vinyl heat transfer paper and heat pressed onto your custom face masks.

It is also suitable for Individual Name Vinyl heat transfer services to personalise your face masks in any you would like it with individual namesnumbers, or callsign.

4. Full Sublimation Printing

When it comes to face masks, another popular method of printing is sublimation printing.

This method of print allows you to print your customised masks with logos that has no limits on the number of colors!

Based on our studies of the enquiries we received, many customers are holding face masks competitions, or not having designs ready but are looking for prices to incorporate into their budget.

This method of print will be able to do just that for you since there is no difference whether you print a single colored logo or a full colored design, the cost of the customisable face masks will remain the same!

For this method of print, only the quantity will affect the price, which makes it easier for us to quote you, and easier for you to incorporate into your budget for purchasing of your own customised face masks for your school, organisations or corporate companies!

You can learn more about the suitable printing methods for the different face masks hereWhere To Get Reusable Mask in Singapore: Best Places Singaporeans Can Buy Reusable Face Masks Online From.

💪 How to get Started on Customizing my Custom Face Masks?​

To get started, our Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for our customised reusable face masks starts from 30 pieces per design for some of the mask models. There is some mask model that starts from 100 pieces Minimum order quantity as well!

You can browse the different face masks product models that we have on this page and select the one that meets your needs.

You can select the quantity and the customization you require on the catalogue page of each product and place them into the enquiry cart.

Once we receive your enquiry, we will reply within 24 business hours to get your custom face masks printing project going!

If you don’t happen to find what you are looking for here, perhaps you may browse our catalogue for more choices!

We hope you enjoyed learning all you can about customizing your very own custom face masks Singapore! Get started today!

⭐ Our Recent Projects of All Custom Face Mask Printing in Singapore​

⭐ Customer Reviews

Still have reservations on our Customised Reusable Face masks products? Let our customers' genuine feedback help you!
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Angela Chan
10:40 16 May 24
Good quality shirts at very competitive price. Prompt reply from sales team and they are very kind, helpful and understanding. Best of all, the lead time is short too. Highly satisfied, highly recommend!
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Very responsive, helpful & patience during the ordering process, and my order was completed very efficiently :) Thank you!
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quick and fast professional service :)keep up the good work team!
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I have worked with MeowPrint for a long time (years!) now and they always deliver! Janice has always been very easy and pleasant to deal with throughout. My go to!
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Shfq M
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08:06 15 Mar 24

📝 Learn More About Custom Face Masks here

If you’d like to learn more about customized face masks in Singapore in details, you can explore further below!

Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic that is happening to the entire world, face masks are compulsory, especially in Singapore to protect yourself and those around you.

MeowPrint carry different ranges ready-stock face masks as well as made-to-order face masks or you to choose from.

They also come in different sizes, shapes, colors and made from different materials! We are confident you will find a custom face mask suited to your needs in our huge range of catalogue

Learn more about customizing face masks below such as type of printing customization availableuses & many more!

1. What is a Face Mask?

Face masks are protective wear that we all use to cover our faces to protect from bacteria, viruses and germs.

There are mainly 2 types of face masks available which is the disposable face masks as well as the reusable masks.

Disposable face masks as the words describe, are changed daily and dispose after use.

Reusable face masks can be made from different types of material and they can be washed and reused from 30 – 100 washes depending on the fabric used.

2. Uses of Face Masks

Face masks as highlighted earlier are mainly used as protective wear for everyone.

Although face masks do not provide 100% protection, some masks are made to protect up to 99% against bacteria, and also viruses to a slightly lower extent.

The idea of face masks however is not to completely block off COVID-19 virus, but make it harder for us to breath in the virus through air particles.

Research shows that if we cough or sneeze, it’ll reduce the amount of particles spread through airborne.

If we happen to be asymptomatic (which means we carry COVID-19 virus but do not show symptoms), face masks will prevent the spread of these particles to humans that are more susceptible to showing symptoms.

3. Different Materials of Face Masks

We carry face masks that are made from different types of materials, therefore you will need to choose the right one to meet your needs!

You can browse the different masks products here: Face masks catalogue, and check out the different materials that each mask is made from.

Generally masks made from polyester fabric for the inner surface (the surface in contact with our face), is cooler for the face and provides better breathability.

Some may still prefer cotton as it can be gentler on the face due to the softer fabric.

4. Printing methods to customize face masks

We recommend any of these printing methods as they work well to customise the face masks.

When you purchase wholesale face masks in Singapore with us, you will be able to print face masks in bulk at cheap prices and save more money!

Even if you are looking for smaller quantities, do not worry! Just head over to the face masks catalogue and get instant price quotations in seconds, today!

5. Summary

We hope you have learned all about the customization of face masks in Singapore!

We have touched on the details on face masks, type of printing methods available, as well as the uses of face masks.

If there are more information that is missing, feel free to let us know and we’ll include more information and be kept up to date!

🧐 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Customised Face Masks

The MOQ to customise your own face masks will be 30 – 50 pieces per design depending on the face mask model that you choose.

Custom face masks leadtime will depends on the customisation required.

The leadtime provided below is after artwork approval (provided after order confirmation).

The cost of customisation of face masks will largely depends on a few main factors:
1) Quantity
2) Customisation required

For example, using our Ninja Reusable Fabric Face Mask w/ Elastic Earloop (2-Ply) as an example,
50 pieces with 1 color logo silkscreen print will be: $4.11/pc (incl. GST)
100 pieces with 1 color logo silkscreen print will be: $3.47/pc (incl. GST)

50 pieces with 1x Logo Embroidery on mask will be: $6.51/pc (incl. GST)
100 pieces with 1x Logo Embroidery on mask will be: $6.00/pc (incl. GST)

For beginners, we recommend going to using their design lab as it is easy to use and we can extract the design files easily by providing us the design link that they provide at the end of the session.

For professionals, you can use Photoshop or Illustrator to create your own designs and send us the high resolution design files for customisation.

We sure do! Check out our other Promotional Products products which are alternatives to our face masks.