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Varsity Jackets

Varsity jackets are popular outerwear product for school or sports team! The pattern is usually a striped elastic band on the collar, sleeve cuffs and waist band! Varsity Jackets can be customised via silk screen printing, embroidery or heat transfer printing methods!

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💡 Get Cheap Custom Varsity Jackets Singapore from $20.28/pc in 2023

🔍 ​Are you looking for cheap Customized Varsity Jackets in Singapore? Then you are at the right place! We provide customized varsity jackets made from great quality fabric! They are great outerwear across all ages! They are comfortable, fashionable & surprisingly lightweight!

Our custom varsity jackets are especially popular among School ClubsCorporate companies, as well as Sports Team. They usually customize these jackets for their own team identity during team outing and also to keep them warm during cold days in class or office environment!

At MeowPrint, we carry different product models of ready-stock custom varsity jackets in Singapore for you to choose from.

We will then be able to provide you with different printing services to customize your own unique varsity jackets!

⚡ To bring you up to speed, we’ll address the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about customizing your own custom varsity jackets!

🤔 Are All Varsity Jackets The Same?​

Firstly, when it comes to material, varsity jackets are commonly made from Fleece material. They can be made from cotton, polyester, or a combination of both cotton and polyester mix fabric.

For thickness, there are different thickness as well when it comes to the jackets. Some varsity jackets are thinner and lightweight for everyday general use, some varsity jackets are thicker and studier for keeping you warm!

When it comes to quality, the lower quality jackets may have pilling effect which means if you wear a light coloured apparel, and a darker colored varsity jacket, then the small pilling of the varsity jackets will be onto your shirt.

Whereas the higher quality jackets will have minimal to no pilling effect on your inner shirt.

In summary, not all varsity jackets are the made the same!

💵 Do All Varsity Jackets Cost The Same?​

Price will depend on the product model and customisation required.

You can customize our varsity jackets for as low as $20.41/pc (incl. GST). This will be based on 180-199 pieces of our best selling CRJ1100 Varsity Jacket, including 1 color Logo, silkscreen printing (within A4 size) on one location of the varsity jacket!

This product will be the most recommend varsity jacket in our range.

If you are looking for lesser quantity, or more than 1 color of silkscreen printing, then the price will definitely be higher!

🛠️ What Printing Methods Are Available for Varsity jackets?​

If you’re looking for customization on our ready-stock varsity jackets, then there are only 3 possible printing services which are suitable for them!

1. Silk Screen Printing

Silkscreen printing is the method of ink printing of your logo onto the jackets. This is generally the most cost-efficient method of print, especially at higher quantities.

However if you have multiple colors of logo to print, at a low quantity, perhaps the other methods of print will suit you better. Learn more about silk screen printing.

2. Embroidery

Embroidery is the weaving of thread to make your design stand out professionally and classy! This is recommended customization option especially for corporate companies as it’ll make your jackets look professional on you.

Logo Embroidery is usually used to sew out solid colored company logos on the left chest of the varsity jackets.

Another popular use of the embroidery method will be the Individual Name Embroidery services to customize your personalised varsity jackets.

3. Digital Heat Transfer Printing

If your logo is complicated with small fine detailing, or with many colors with gradient effects, then embroidery might not be suitable. 

Therefore digital heat transfer printing will be the printing method that will be suitable! This method will be the printing of your design onto Vinyl heat transfer paper and heat pressed onto your custom varsity jackets

It is also suitable for Individual Name Vinyl heat transfer services to customize your personalised baseball jackets.

⏳ How Long is the Lead Time to Customize the Varsity Jackets?​

Based on the 3 possible printing methods which you can choose, the leadtime will be as follows.

For Silkscreen printing or Digital Heat Transfer printing onto your varsity jackets, it’ll take about 5 working days after your artwork approval to complete your varsity jackets customization!

For Embroidering of your Varsity Jackets, it’ll take about 7 working days after your artwork approval to complete your jackets customization!

If you have a combination of both printing methods, it’ll take a total of 10 working days after artwork approval. For example, you may wish to embroider a small company logo onto the left chest, followed by a big Heat Transfer Printing or Silkscreen printing on the back of the varsity jackets.

If you require express printing Singapore, do get in touch with and we’ll let you know on the feasibility of your project!

💪 How to get Started on Customizing my Custom Jackets?​

To get started, our Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for our varsity jackets is 20 pieces per design.

You can browse the different varsity jacket product models that we have on this page and select the one that meets your needs.

You can select the quantity and the customization you require on the catalogue page of each product and place them into the enquiry cart.

Once we receive your enquiry, we will reply within 24 business hours to get your custom varsity jackets project going!

If you don’t happen to find what you are looking for here, perhaps you may browse our other outerwear products such as the following:

We hope we got you on the right track to get started on your Varsity Jacket customisation!

⭐ Our Recent Projects of All Varsity Jackets Printing in Singapore​

⭐ Customer Reviews

Still have reservations on our Varsity Jacket Printing in Singapore products? Let our customers' genuine feedback help you!
MeowPrint T-Shirt Printing
Based on 581 reviews
Good service
Darren Tong
Darren Tong
10:45 08 Dec 23
Very fuss free, efficient, and quality printing services. Have engaged them twice already and both orders have been extremely smooth and I’m content with my orders!
Jovan Lee
Jovan Lee
06:11 07 Dec 23
Xiao Fen from MeowPrint was really prompt in picking up our request and helped us to get our printed t-shirts in less than a week - just in time before an event we have to attend in the shirts. The delivery of the shirts came even a day earlier than the estimated delivery. The print and quality of the shirts was great too. Thank you!
Alexa Lim
Alexa Lim
06:56 23 Nov 23
Thank you for delivering the order promptly to our event, really appreciate that with the short timeline. Good quality tote bags too!
venise ho
venise ho
06:31 21 Nov 23
Xiao fen was efficient, prompt replies and also meticulous to detail. Collection was an easy process and shirts are true to size and comfortable. Only thing is the plastic bag broke! but its okay
Ling Zhong Zhi
Ling Zhong Zhi
06:58 16 Nov 23
Very easy to order and purchase with a lot of options! MeowPrint is NOT just a T-shirt printing company, but much more. The team was receptive to our eccentric orders despite the short turnaround time. Items were delivered in great condition. I would recommend for events, sponsors, business or simply just fun branding.
Lutfi Dali
Lutfi Dali
08:53 10 Nov 23
5 starts for service rendered and the quality of the bags ordered. Queries were responded very promptly. Awesome!
Kartini Supaat
Kartini Supaat
00:11 09 Nov 23
I did customised aprons with them and had a very smooth and positive experience. Xiao Fen is very patient and accommodating with my requests. Was so pleasantly surprise with how fast they delivered the items as soon as I made the final payment. Will definitely deal with them again in the future! The aprons also turned out as I what I envisioned. Thank you Xiao Fen!
13:51 23 Oct 23
I ordered mugs as a graduation gift for my students. Prompt replies, prompt service, quality was delivered and sent in good time and condition! Recommended to order from MeowPrint services!
Cho Koi Hong, Jermain Staff
Cho Koi Hong, Jermain Staff
04:11 19 Oct 23
Ordered customisable polo tees and tote bags. The printing quality was really good, as well as the material of the products. Delivery was fast and efficient. Customer service was very helpful as well. Highly recommend.
09:55 13 Oct 23

📝 Learn More About Varsity Jackets here

Are you looking for cheap custom varsity jackets for your class, groups or corporate companies? 

You can choose quality varsity jackets from our catalogue and customize them. For example, these are perfect for teenagers and youth to create their very own high school varsity jackets

These jackets are usually made from poly/cotton blend materials to make it feel and look great.

We are a varsity jacket supplier that carry different colors of ready-stock jackets! They are all unisex which means that they fit both varsity jacket mens and varsity jacket womens cutting!

Varsity Jacket are super popular across all ages! They are fashionable, functional & surprisingly lightweight! 

Not only can it make you look good outside on a cool weather day (since it’s so hot in Singapore!), it can also keep you warm in the freezing office, or classroom or studios! 

MeowPrint carry different ranges of ready-stock custom varsity jacket in singapore for you to choose from.

We are confident you will find a varsity jacket suited to your needs in our huge range of catalogue

Learn more about customizing varsity jackets below such as type of printing customization availableuses & many more!

1. What is a Varsity Jacket?

Also known as letterman jackets & baseball jackets, Varsity Jacket emerges as the most commonly used term for this great jacket that has outgrown the college background it came from!

These have become a fashionable apparel across all seasons, all year round.

An unexpected combination of contrasting fabric for the sleeves (which are usually made from leather), contrast lining on the collar, waistband and cuffs made it one of the classic apparels that will last beyond its times.

This is what makes it very fashionable and great to customize as well!

2. Uses of Varsity Jackets

People of all ages can learn to appreciate the fashionable varsity jackets. It can be used as a fashion statement, and at the same time functional enough to be able to carry lots of small personal belongings to keep them safe.

Not only that, it can definitely keep you warm in a freezing environment.

These custom jackets are popular items in our catalogue, mainly because many of our customers customize varsity jackets as class identity, groups such as dancers or athletes, as well as corporate companies for their corporate events!

In fact, these jackets are so trendy, fashionable and functional, even top fashion brands such as Zalora SG sells them!

3. Printing methods to customize Varsity Jackets

We recommend these 3 printing methods as they work really well on the varsity jacket printing!

Embroidery & Digital heat transfer printing methods work on all varsity jackets in our catalogue. Silk screen printing, however, works well on CRJ1100 Varsity Jacket at the point of writing this article.

Let us share with you why.

CRJ1100 Varsity Jacket is the only range in our varsity jackets that does not have an inner lining.

This means that during the silkscreen printing process, the apparel will not shift and will hold firmly in place, making it feasible for silkscreen ink printing.

Unlike the rest that has inner lining, this will cause the apparel to shift in between fabrics during the printing process, not making it feasible for silkscreen printing.

However, both embroidery and heat transfer printing applies for all varsity jackets in our catalogue.

There is a large area of imprint to print your unique designs on these varsity jackets. Most of our customers prefer to choose the left chest and back positions to imprint their designs for customization of the jackets.

When you purchase wholesale varsity jackets in Singapore with us, you will be able to print varsity jackets in bulk at cheap prices so you can save on marketing costs, especially via the silk screen printing method.

Even if you are looking for smaller quantities, do not worry! Just head over to the varsity jackets catalogue and get instant price quotations in seconds, today!

4. Conclusion

We hope you have learned all about the customization of varsity jackets in Singapore!

We have touched on the details on varsity jackets , type of printing methods available, as well as the use of Varsity jackets.

If there are more information that is missing, feel free to let us know and we’ll include more information and be kept up to date!

🧐 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Varsity Jackets

The MOQ to customise your own varsity jackets will be 20 pieces per design!

Custom Varsity Jackets leadtime will depends on the customisation required.

The leadtime provided below is after artwork approval (provided after order confirmation).

The cost of customisation of Varsity Jackets will largely depends on a few main factors:
1) Quantity
2) Customisation required

For example, using our UVJ 05 Anti-Odor Varsity Jacket as an example,
20 pieces with 1 color logo silkscreen print (within A4 size) will be: $25.76 /pc (incl. GST)
100 pieces with 1 color logo silkscreen print (within A4 size) will be: $21.33/pc (incl. GST)

20 pieces with 1x Logo Embroidery (within 3″ width) will be: $25.92/pc (incl. GST)
100 pieces with 1x Logo Embroidery (within 3″ width) will be: $22.43/pc (incl. GST)

For beginners, we recommend going to using their design lab as it is easy to use and we can extract the design files easily by providing us the design link that they provide at the end of the session.

For professionals, you can use Photoshop or Illustrator to create your own designs and send us the high resolution design files for customisation.

We sure do! Check out our other Outerwear products which are alternatives to our Varsity Jackets.