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T-Shirt Design: Design Your Own Shirts in Singapore Using T-Shirt Templates (2022)

Are you looking to design your own custom T-Shirts? Check out the T-Shirt designing tips and T-Shirt templates you can use here to create your own T-Shirt designs!

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T-Shirt Design Design Your Own Tee Shirts in Singapore (Using T-Shirt Templates) thumbnail

Are you looking to Design Your Own T-Shirts in Singapore? That’s probably how you found this article!

Be it for a new Class T-Shirts, a corporate event, a special celebration or even a corporate T-Shirt, you will need to create your own T-Shirt designs to create your own identity!

Who would want to wear the same design T-Shirts as another company or another class? We would like to be unique with our T-Shirt designs!

MeowPrint is a Tee Shirt Printing Singapore company, and we provide customization such as silkscreen printing, embroidery and heat transfer printing on custom T-Shirts and apparels for bulk quantities of at least 20 pieces per tee design.

If you’re looking for small quantity order, check out where to get T-Shirt Printing No Minimum Order.

Once you have your own custom T-Shirt design, you can send it to us to print it out onto your chosen products!

If you need express T-Shirt Printing & embroidery, there are a couple of places that provide check out in Singapore and how you can speed up your printing process.

You can browse our catalogue to give you an idea how your tee design should be created!

MeowPrint’s job is to print your unique custom T-Shirt designs onto your chosen products through the recommended printing method at the best prices!

Let’s not wait any further and dive into creating your own T-Shirt designs!

You can skip directly to download our T-Shirt Templates by clicking here!

What is a T-Shirt Design?

A tee shirt design is essentially the creation of an idea that you visualize that you would like to bring to life.

With the design created, you will imprint it onto a T-Shirt or apparels which essentially makes your design come to life!

T-shirts are considered essentials because in this civilised world, every one of us needs to put on a shirt at least!

Why not put one with your creative design on it?

What are some of the ideas you can have for your T-Shirt designs?

1. Text or Slogan Designs

A T-Shirt design can be a simple word text design that has a meaning, or more commonly used, like a slogan.

For example, a one word text design could be just ‘POWER’, or ‘AMAZING’.

A slogan text design could be like, “Don’t Give Up”.

These simple designs are usually printed using Silkscreen Printing, or Embroidery, due to the minimalistic nature of the design.

2. Digital Artwork Designs

Another popular T-Shirt design will be digital artwork such as illustration vectors or complex designs created using popular software like animation.

3. Painting or Photographs Designs

T-Shirt designs could be something a picture that you took using a camera or a painting that you drew.

There are printing methods such as Digital Heat Transfer Printing that allow us to keep the original colors of a painting or picture that can be imprinted onto a T-Shirt.

A unique custom T-Shirt design can allow you to express your creativity.

T-shirt designs are also great advertising tools for your business or company!

These tee designs can also be used as for uniforms at a workplace.

Ready To Start Your T-Shirt Printing Project?

What Makes a Good T-Shirt Design? Tips You Can Follow!

We have seen thousands of T-shirt designs sent to us to be printed onto apparels and products.

There are many great designs and some not so great. What are some of the main factors that can contribute to a great design?

Check out some of the factors you can take note while creating your T-shirt design so you can have the best design ever!

1. Ensure that Image files are high quality

This is one of the most common problems that people face with their T-shirt designs.

The image quality of your artwork can make or break the final outcome.

Images that are of low quality may not be crisp enough and appear pixelated when printed out. Some are so low resolution that we are unable to use it for printing!

We recommend artwork files and images that are at least 300 dpi or higher at full size.

Vector files such as PDF, EPS, AI or SVG file types are great high resolution files at compressed size which means they do not take up too much space!

2. Focus on your Fonts

If your design is focused on words and text, then we recommend for you to choose your font properly.

When printed on T-shirts, how your artwork looks like is just as important as the words you use.

For instance, an angelic and friendly slogan words design may not look so friendly with a hardcore bold font that portrays anger and rage!

Same goes for motivational quotes designs that is created using fonts that are mild and not bold enough.

Therefore, carefully consider the font you are planning to use and how it might affect how the message is being portrayed.

3. Location of Printing your T-Shirt design

The placement of your T-Shirt design on the T-Shirts is important as well.

A common mistake that we see with placement of the design is that it is printed too low from the chest area hence ending up near the ‘belly’ area.

Can you imagine a design that is too far down near your stomach area? That will not look good!

Even too high up near the neck collar can be a problem as your design will not look as nice.

We have a standard chest area measurements for printing designs and we will advise customers accordingly, unless they specifically request the placement.

Now that you are more equipped with knowledge on T-Shirt designs, let’s share with you how you can get started!

How Can I Create My Own Design for a Tee Shirt?

There are plenty of ways to do so! Anyone, and we mean, anyone, can create their own designs!

There are basic software such as ‘Paint’ that are already available on your computer. These are usually for beginner designers, but you can only create really basic designs.

That is why we’re here to share with you awesome apps and software you can use to skip past the basic and create really awesome designs today!

Check out some of the place and tools you can use to create your T-Shirt designs easily!

1. Custom Ink

They have the world class T-Shirt design lab on the internet.

That’s why we recommend all our customers to visit their T-Shirt design lab because it’s easy to use, lots of templates and ready-made designs to choose from.

What’s even better is that once you have saved your design, just send the link to us and we’ll be able to retrieve your high resolution design artwork for us to print it for you here at MeowPrint!

Start designing using the world’s best T-shirt design lab: CustomInk Design Lab

2. Adobe Illustrator (AI)

Illustrator is for advance level design creators that creates high resolution vectors and designs.

AI files are one of the best as you can zoom into the artwork file at 1,000,000 times and there will still not be any pixelated images.

We love AI files as they are great to be used when it comes to printing T-Shirt designs.

3. Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is another popular software by Adobe that you can use to create your T-Shirt designs.

Do note that the artwork files may not be as high resolution compared to AI files, if not used properly.

Pick up some photoshop skills to make sure you’re on the right track and you’ll be designing quality T-Shirt designs in no time!

I Have My Designs, But Would Like To Know How It Looks Like on A T-Shirt

Looks like you have managed to create your own T-Shirt design, perhaps using one of the methods above!

Nevertheless, if you created your design using CustomInk Design Lab, then you were already creating designs on T-Shirt mockup templates that is available on the design lab.

If you created your T-Shirt design elsewhere, and would like to see a digital mockup of it, you can still use CustomInk Design lab so you can have your own digital mockup.

T-Shirt Mockup Templates

If you have designs and prefer to create your own Digital Mockups so you can use them for approvals first, why not use our FREE MeowPrint T-Shirt Mockup template below?

Just save them onto your computer and start designing!

Meowprint T-Shirt Mockup template

Preparing Artwork Files For Printing

Once you finalize and save your designs, do remember to save them in the correct format and send it to us!

We will review the design files you send over to make sure they are useable for printing!

If you are using CustomInk Design Lab, do remember to save the link at the end and send it over to us so we can retrieve your designs from them.


We hope you’re ready and excited to create your own design for your T-Shirts, Polo Shirts or whichever apparels you plan to print on!

Don’t forget to make use of the T-Shirt templates provided so you can picture how your designs will look like on a T-Shirt!

Once you have your designs decided, do check in with us on the best recommended printing methods and that it is within your budget.

To learn more about pricing, check out Custom T-Shirts in Singapore: Customize Tee Shirts in Singapore From Just $5/pc

If you have simple designs, our catalogue also provides instant quote prices which you can browse and get pricing instantly!

Start browsing our catalogue here today!

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