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Browse Towels that we carry in our corporate gifts! Whether you’re looking for Microfibre or Cotton Towels, we have it here at MeowPrint! Get your customised towel printing or towel embroidery needs here!

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💡 Get Customised Towels Singapore from $2.54/pc in 2024

🔍 ​Are you looking for cheap Customised Towels in Singapore? Then you are at the right place!

We provide customized towels made from great quality material! They are soft to touch and has great absorbency. Perfect for gifting during roadshows or events!

Our customised towels are especially popular among corporate companiesSports Team, and Events companies. They usually customize these towels for sports events so they can wipe off their perspiration!

At MeowPrint, we carry different product models of ready-stock customized towels in Singapore for you to choose from.

We will then be able to provide you with different printing services to customize your own unique towels!

⚡ To bring you up to speed, we’ll address the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about customizing your own towels!

🤔 Are All Towels The Same?​

Firstly, when it comes to material, there are 2 main materials of towels, Cotton & Microfibre. Both have great absorbency but microfibre is preferred as sports towels.

For thickness, there are different thickness as well when it comes to the towels. Some towels are thicker and can provide greater absorbency compared to thinner towels.

When it comes to printing methods, microfibre towels are preferred when you require silkscreen ink printing due to the material is smoother compared to cotton towels which have more pilling effect (ink doesn’t stay well here). Embroidery is suitable for all kinds of towels.

In summary, not all towels are the made the same!

💵 Do All Towels Cost The Same?​

Prices of towels varies depending on sizematerial and quality of product.

You can customize our towels for as low as $4.05/pc (incl. GST). This will be based on 180-199 pieces of our best selling Blueranflex Sports Towel including 1 color Logo, silkscreen printing (within A4 size) on one location of the towel!

If you are looking for lesser quantity, or more than 1 color of silkscreen printing, then the price will definitely be higher!

If you’re also looking for embroidery, it usually cost more compared to silkscreen printing at bigger quantities.

🛠️ What Printing Methods Are Available for the Towels?​

If you’re looking for customization on our ready-stock Towels, then there are only 2 recommended printing services which are suitable!

1. Silk Screen Printing

Silkscreen printing is the method of ink printing of your logo onto the towels. This is generally the most cost-efficient method of print, especially at higher quantities.

However if you have multiple colors of logo to print, at a low quantity, perhaps the other methods of print will suit you better. Learn more about silk screen printing.

2. Embroidery

Embroidery is the weaving of thread to make your design stand out professionally and classy!

Logo Embroidery is usually used to embroider out solid colored company logos onto the towels.

Another popular use of the embroidery method will be the Individual Name Embroidery services to customize your Personalized Towels.

Both methods are great but our crew will advise the most recommended method of printing for your design upon enquiry.

⏳ How Long is the Lead Time for Customizing of Towels with Printing?​

Based on the 2 possible printing methods which you can choose, the leadtime will be as follows.

For Silkscreen printing onto your towels, it’ll take about 5 working days after your artwork approval to complete your towels customization!

For Embroidering of your Towels, it’ll take about 7 working days after your artwork approval to complete your towels customization!

If you require express printing Singapore, do get in touch with and we’ll let you know on the feasibility of your project!

💪 How to get Started on Customizing my Towels?​

To get started, our Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for our towels is 20 pieces per design.

You can browse the different towel products that we have on this page and select the one that meets your needs.

You can select the quantity and the customization you require on the catalogue page of each product and place them into the enquiry cart.

Once we receive your enquiry, we will reply within 24 business hours to get your custom towels project going!

We hope you enjoyed learning all you can about customizing your towels in Singapore! Get started today!

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⭐ Customer Reviews

Still have reservations on our Customised Towel Printing & Towel Embroidery products? Let our customers' genuine feedback help you!
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Good quality and service
Jiang Yanmei
Jiang Yanmei
07:26 23 Feb 24
All orders are of good quality, quickly made and delivery arrived on time :)
14:17 30 Jan 24
Had a quite last-minute corporate order with Meowprint. From prompt responses to superb end products. Meowprint's professionalism and attention to detail were evident throughout. We truly appreciate the outstanding customer service and look forward to continuing our partnership.
Valerie Lee
Valerie Lee
07:21 29 Jan 24
Excellent!!! Excellent communication and excellent product and quality. Xiao Fen is always ready to answer queries and assist promptly! Printed t-shirts the 2nd time and will go back again...and again! Highly recommended!!! Awesome!!!
Mohamad Fadzel
Mohamad Fadzel
04:44 29 Jan 24
Awesome! Everything is Perfect!Appreciate Xiao Fen's prompt action..I believe we'll have the chance to work together again for sure!Peace be with you..
Rao Hansheng
Rao Hansheng
10:37 16 Jan 24
Fast to respond delivered timely
Roan Choo
Roan Choo
07:24 14 Dec 23
Meowprints !!!1) Amazing quality & prints2) Prompt responses & cleared enquiries3) Timely deliveryOverall had a good experience with them! Do engage :))
Irfan Juraimi
Irfan Juraimi
21:22 11 Dec 23
Very fuss free, efficient, and quality printing services. Have engaged them twice already and both orders have been extremely smooth and I’m content with my orders!
Jovan Lee
Jovan Lee
06:11 07 Dec 23
Xiao Fen from MeowPrint was really prompt in picking up our request and helped us to get our printed t-shirts in less than a week - just in time before an event we have to attend in the shirts. The delivery of the shirts came even a day earlier than the estimated delivery. The print and quality of the shirts was great too. Thank you!
Alexa Lim
Alexa Lim
06:56 23 Nov 23
Thank you for delivering the order promptly to our event, really appreciate that with the short timeline. Good quality tote bags too!
venise ho
venise ho
06:31 21 Nov 23

📝 Learn More About Customised Towels here

If you’d like to learn more about customized Towels Printing & Towel Embroidery in details, you can explore further below!

There are many reasons why you would be looking for cheap customised towel printing Singapore? They make great promotional products or gifts that are versatile, functional, and very lightweight!

MeowPrint carry different ranges ready-stock plain towels for you to choose from. Not only are they easy to customize, they are very durable and can last a long time!

Have you ever thought, “where to buy towels in singapore?” Or “Where do we go to customize towels in bulk quantities for your next promotional event?”.

Great news! You can buy bulk towels customization and get great pricing with us since we are customised towels suppliers that carry different materials mainly Cotton and the popular sporty Microfibre towels material.

They also come in different sizes, shapes, colors! We are confident you will find a towel suited to your needs in our huge range of catalogue! Learn more about customizing towels below such as type of printing customization availableuses & many more!

1. What is a Towel?

A towel is a piece of fabric that is used for drying or cleaning something. It can be made from many different materials such as cotton and linen.

They are usually made from absorbent material that is commonly used for drying purpose or to wipe away moisture off surfaces. Its main purpose is to keep things dry!

A towel consists of two layers; the top layer being soft and fluffy to ensure comfort when drying yourself, while the bottom layer should be more dense in order to absorb water quickly. In addition, a towel has to be able to resist shrinking and fraying.

2. Uses of Towels

Towels are used for a variety of different purposes.

It is able to absorb moisture through direct contact. There are several types of towels that can serve different purposes such as hand towelsbath towels and sports towels.

Size of towel varies depending on its purpose. Hand towels and sports towels are usually much smaller. On the other hand, bath towels are usually much larger so it can cover a bigger surface area and absorb more moisture.

A lot of active people such as athletes, or people who goes to the gym, love the use of sporty towels! These are essential to wipe away your perspiration while having a workout or after showering and wiping dirt from your hands, face and body.

Due to its versatility and affordability, they make great promotional corporate gifts for giveaways or door-gifts.

They are becoming more popular for giveaways due to its customisability as well as its lightweight is also a bonus for logistics and transportation purposes for bulk quantities.

Towels product is one of our main categories. It’s really interesting how towel manufacturers all over the world are now focusing their research and development works to improve the softness performance and elegance look no matter it’s fabric or embroidery.

3. Different Materials of Towels

When it comes to material of towels, there are 2 main categories of towels, Cotton & Microfibre. Both have great absorbency but microfibre is preferred as sports towels.

We carry towels that are made from different types of materials, therefore you will need to choose the right one to meet your needs!

3.1 Cotton Towels

When it comes to comfort, cotton towels win hands down. Cotton is one of the most popular materials used in towel manufacturing because it has a soft feel and can absorb water quickly, making it very beneficial for drying purposes.

These towels are popular as cotton has high absorbency which makes it very useful. Cotton towels can be very soft as well so it’ll be gentle on the skin.

cotton towel is also less likely to irritate your skin because the material doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals like those found on synthetic alternatives .

Not only that they are more comfortable, cotton towels are more durable than microfiber alternatives , making them ideal for people who travel often or need towels for their guest bathrooms.

3.2 Microfibre Towels

Towels made from microfibre are generally more suitable for sports as it can dry up quicker compared to cotton towels.

Microfibre is very popular because of its unique properties that allow it to absorb water much quicker than other material- Cotton or Linen.

Microfibre also has certain characteristics that are hard to find in other types of fabrics. For example:

  • Breathable (very important as it allows air to circulate faster through the fabric)
  • High Density Absorbency
  • Lightweight Resistant to shrinking and fraying
  • Stretches well Wrinkle free and quick drying

However, Microfibre towel comes with a disadvantage in that they tend to lose their softness after multiple uses over time. If you happen to use microfiber towel, make sure that you wash it at least once a week to maintain the softness of the towels.

4. Printing methods to customize Towels

Most people love to have their towels customized with unique designs or even personalized embroidery. It is surely something very nice to own your own customised towel. However, if you are still looking for inspiration in terms of design and ideas for towel designs or embroidery on towel do not hesitate to view our portfolio: Custom Towel Portfolio.

We recommend these printing methods as they work really well on the towels. For towels, as the entire space of the product is suitable to be printed / embroidered, it is generally easier to customise.

When you purchase wholesale towels in Singapore with us, you will be able to print towels or embroider towels in bulk at cheap prices so you can save on marketing costs, especially via the silk screen printing method.

Even if you are looking for smaller quantities, do not worry! Just head over to the towels catalogue and get instant price quotations in seconds, today!

5. Summary

We hope you have learned all about the customization of towels in Singapore!

We have touched on the details on towels, type of printing methods available, as well as the use of towels in Singapore.

If there are more information that is missing, feel free to let us know and we’ll include more information and be kept up to date!

🧐 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Towels Customisation

The MOQ to customise your own custom towels will be 20 pieces per design!

Custom towels leadtime will depends on the customisation required.

The leadtime provided below is after artwork approval (provided after order confirmation).

The cost of customisation of towels will largely depends on a few main factors:
1) Quantity
2) Customisation required

For example, using our Blueranflex Sports Towel as an example,
20 pieces with 1 color logo silkscreen print (within A4 size) will be: $7.77/pc (incl. GST)
100 pieces with 1 color logo silkscreen print (within A4 size) will be: $10.83/pc (incl. GST)

20 pieces with 2 color logo silkscreen print (within A4 size) will be: $10.83/pc (incl. GST)
100 pieces with 2 color logo silkscreen print (within A4 size) will be: $5.50/pc (incl. GST)

For beginners, we recommend going to using their design lab as it is easy to use and we can extract the design files easily by providing us the design link that they provide at the end of the session.

For professionals, you can use Photoshop or Illustrator to create your own designs and send us the high resolution design files for customisation.

We sure do! Check out our other Promotional Corporate Gifts which are alternatives to our towels.