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Class Tee Printing Singapore: Customise Class T-Shirts Design From $7.94/pc (2024)

Are you looking to Customize your Class T-Shirts? Wondering what your class can get with a specific budget? Or maybe you are looking for Class T-Shirt design ideas? Check them out here.

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Class Tee Printing Singapore

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Are you looking to customise and print Class T-Shirts or CCA T-Shirts for your class? If the answer is yes, don’t look any further!

You could be a Teacher for your class or you could be the class representative to source for a trusted T-Shirt printer to get your class T-shirts printed.

Looking for Customize your Class T-shirts / Jackets / Hoodies / Windbreakers and more?

  • If you fall into one of the categories above, then you’re at the right place!
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A simple task of apparel customisation can get very complicated if you do not have a plan in mind. There are many areas to consider when it comes to customising the perfect class T-Shirts.

But do not worry, we have customised thousands and thousands of Class T-Shirts, CCA T-Shirts and even school camp T-Shirts for the past couple of years!

We know the common problems that you may encounter along the way and this article will help to make it easier for you.

Did You Know?

A simple task of customising any kind of T-Shirts can get very complicated without a plan. Design, budget and quality are some of the factors to consider.

❓ Why Should You Have A Class T-Shirt?

Whether you’re a teacher, or a student from either Primary school, Secondary School or tertiary schools, it is almost like a tradition for each class to have their own unique class tee.

Whether it is individual Class T-Shirts, or whole school camp T-Shirts, it is a wearable that gives a unique sense of identity for the student who wears them.

If you’re part of a class, you would like to show how proud and united you are as a class. If you’re part of a CCA group, you would like to show how proud you are being part of the CCA.

The unique sense of belonging and identity of a particular group (class or CCA) will create wonderful memories for you as an individual as you grow up through your school times.

T-Shirts are not disposable items which you wear once and throw away. You can keep wearing them over and over again even after graduation. This is what makes T-Shirts a very popular customisation product for students and teachers.

Even for the Teachers, the class T-Shirts made with the different batches of students that you take care of will hold the memories for you for a long time.

We have put together a comprehensive guide for Class Tee Printing in Singapore. This article will be all you need to customise your class T-Shirts.

1. 💰 Factors That Will Affect The Price of Your Class Tees

First and foremost, we will begin to uncover the most important topic of Class T-Shirt printing – Pricing.

We know that different classes have different budget that they are willing to set aside for their Class Tees. As students, we understand that you do not earn an income and you may need to save a little bit of money by sacrificing your lunch meal or snacks over an extended period of time just to save for your Class Tee.

Have you ever experienced designing for your perfect Custom Class T-Shirts which is unique for your class and only to realize the pricing was way over the budget? To make things worse, you need your T-Shirts in less than a week and you do not have time to re-design! We’re sorry if you experienced this before.

That is why to avoid such misfortune, we would like to dive into this topic first, so that you can take note of the most important factors that will affect the pricing of your Class T-Shirts.

We have listed the factors below along with an explanation for each of them. This will definitely allow you to be equipped with knowledge on class T-Shirt printing.

Do take note that the factors are not listed in any particular order of importance.

1. Quantity

Quantity refers to the number of pieces that you are planning to customise.

The general rule of thumb on how quantity will affect the pricing will be inversely proportionate as follows:

  • More Quantity = Less pricey
  • Lesser Quantity = More pricey

The misconception that many people have is that it is the total quantity in a particular order.

For instance, if you have 2 different class tee designs that are not the same and you would like to print 20 pieces each, the pricing will be quoted to you separately for each class tee design.

They will not be quoted together because the 2 different class tee designs may have different set-up costs depending on the designs (which we will explain further later in this article).

The only exception for this will be similar to Jersey Printing where each student can have their own  individual Names + Number for each T-Shirt, which can be achieved via the digital heat transfer printing method.

Therefore, we will highly recommend to print 1 design per class so that you would have about 40 pieces per design which will lower the price for your Class T-Shirts.

But do not worry, if you decide to print 2 different designs and order a total quantity of 40 pieces, we will be able to give slight discounts on top of the 2 separate quotes of 20 pieces for each design.

2. Number of Colors in your Design

The general rule of thumb on how the number of colors in your class tee design will affect the pricing will be as follows:

  • More Colors = More expensive
  • Less Colors = Less expensive

Since a class usually comprises of 40 person, we would recommend to keep your designs to about 3 or less colors. We will then use silk screen printing to print your Class tees which will be durable and long lasting.

If you’re planning to customize a small logo with multiple colors on the left chest for example, then embroidery could be an alternate cheaper option of customisation. Our crew will assist to provide the most budget-friendly method for your class tees.

Based on what we know, students usually prefer dri-fit material as their T-Shirts of choice!

For example, if your class has 40 people, which has a Class T-Shirt design of 2 colors (normal ink) will only cost $7.94 per person for our Basic Dri-Fit Round Neck T-Shirts.

If you like cotton material T-Shirts, a class of 40 people, which has a Class T-Shirt design of 2 colors will only cost $8.03 per person for our bestseller cotton T-Shirt.

On the other hand, if your design is complex and exceeds more than 3 colors, we will then recommend heat transfer printing to print your class T-Shirt.

For example, a class of 40 people, which has a Class T-Shirt with complex design of many colors will cost $9.27 per person for our bestseller cotton T-Shirt, Superior Cotton Round Neck T-Shirts.

3. Number of location of Print

The general rule of thumb on how the number of location of print will affect the pricing will be as follows:

  • More Location = More expensive
  • Less Location = Less expensive

Since a class usually comprises of 40 person, we would recommend to keep your designs to be printed on the front and back only = 2 location of print.

If you would like to save on pricing even more, then you can choose to print only on the front of the T-Shirt = 1 location of print.


In summary, these 3 factors play a huge role in affecting the pricing of your class tees. When planning for your custom class tees, do take note of this 3 factors and how they can affect your pricing before moving on to creating your designs.

Need Some Help?

Not sure which T-Shirt Printing Services You Should Use to Customise Your Class T-Shirts?

2. 👕 Products You Can Customise For Your Perfect Class Tees

The next topic on Class tee shirt printing that we are going to uncover are popular bestselling products that students love to choose to customise.

We understand that you are busy with school work whether or not you’re a student or a teacher. Why waste precious time browsing for products that you have no clue about?

Save time today by choosing the bestsellers from our catalogue that students from other schools absolutely love for their Classes!

1. T-Shirts

Most of our students customers love to choose our dri-fit range T-Shirts for their class Tees.

Why? Because Singapore weather is mostly unforgiving with the hot sun always shining upon us. Dri-fit keeps us cooler with its breatheable fabric as compared to cotton T-Shirts that absorbs sweat.

However, we believe cotton T-Shirt has its advantages as it is generally smoother on the skin and is more comfortable.

Nevertheless, we carry a wide range of T-Shirts in our catalogue for you to check it. If your class is tight on budget, we’d recommend going for the Basic Cotton Round Neck T-Shirts or the Basic Dri-Fit Round Neck T-Shirts as they are our most affordable and bestselling option.

2. Polo T-Shirts

If you are planning to customise Polo T-Shirts for the teacher or if you are a senior in the school and would like to be slightly semi-formal, we also carry a wide range of them in different materials.

Polo T-Shirts are generally slightly thicker in material especially for the cotton Polo Shirts.

The Dri-fit Polo shirts are similar in thickness and weight as compared to their round neck T-Shirt counterparts.

Pricing for Polo T-Shirts are generally more pricey as compared to T-Shirts, but at Meowprint, we keep our pricing competitive and very affordable for everyone.

3. Hoodies

Last but not least, another popular item from our catalogue that students love to customise would be Hoodies!

Most schools have air-conditioned halls or classrooms that can get very cold, especially on rainy days. This is where hoodies will come into play and keep the students warm.

Customised hoodies printed with a unique class design will definitely be eye-catching to show the bond and unity your class have that you are proud of.

If you’re looking for the most affordable hoodie, check out SS10 Basic Zipped Hoodies which is one of our bestselling hoodies!


In summary, you can choose any products to customise from our catalogue.

If your class has a lower budget for your class tees, do browse for the plain T-Shirts where the pricing will be the most affordable.

If your class is graduating soon and you have agreed as a class to put in a little bit more money to invest in a cool, unique and quality apparel, you can definitely check out the other products we carry in our catalogue.

Are You Looking For Customization?

If you’re looking for T-Shirts or Corporate Gifts of at least 20 pieces and above, we can help you!

3. 💡 Class Tee Shirt Design Ideas

We have uncovered the factors that will affect the price of your class tees.

In addition, we have also recommended you the bestselling products among our student customers which you would love as well.

At this point of time, you should have enough knowledge of the things you need to take note before presenting in front of your class and asking for their opinion.

By following the topics that we have uncovered, you should be able to know which product you would like to customize. You will also know the limit to how complex your design can get, before the budget goes overboard.

If you need T-Shirt Design tips, check out T-Shirt Design: Design Your Own Tee Shirts in Singapore

We will now share with you 3 common Class T Shirt Design that you may adopt for your own unique class shirt ideas.

1. Class T-Shirt with 1 Color Front Print + 1 Color Back Print
($9.00/pc for 40 pax)

If you would like to keep it simple, maybe the past project below could be for your next class T Shirt design idea.

This was created for a class T-Shirt who wanted something simple and unique, but yet budget-friendly tees.

This class opted for a simple 1 Color white logo print on the front. They also included everyone’s names on the back and their Class “4T1”.

Despite including everyone’s names on the back, it is still considered 1 color logo print customisation.

Product Name: Cool Dri-Fit Round Neck T-Shirts
Customisation Required: Silk Screen Printing

For a class of 40 people, this class T-Shirt would cost about $9.00/pc for each student.

2. Class T-Shirt with 2 Color Front Print
($8.50/pc for 40 pax)

If you would like to keep it simple but yet adding some unique gold ink printing, maybe the past project below could be for your next class T Shirt design idea.

This was created for a class T-Shirt who wanted gold ink printing for their class tee. 

Since this class wanted something affordable as well, they opted for a simple 1 Color white logo print on the front and another 1 Color gold logo print.

Although it is a simple 2 color printing, the gold ink definitely stands out on the Navy pro Dri-fit T-Shirt.

Product Name: Basic Dri-Fit Round Neck T-Shirts
Customisation Required: Silk Screen Printing

For a class of 40 people, this class T-Shirt would cost about $8.50/pc for each student.

3. Class T-Shirt with Full Color Digital Heat Transfer Printing
($10.00/pc for 40 pax)

If you have a more complex design for your Class Tee and do not mind spending a little bit more money for a unique class T-Shirt, you can check out the past project below which could be for your next class T Shirt design idea.

This was created for a CCA T-Shirt who wanted full color printing for their design which contains many different colors.

Since this CCA group wanted something affordable as well, instead of silk screen printing every single color which can be costly, they opted for the heat transfer printing method.

The complex design with many colors involved in printing sure made their one-of-a-kind Prefect CCA T-Shirt!

Product Name: Cool Dri-Fit Round Neck T-Shirts
Customisation Required: Digital Heat transfer printing

For a class of 40 people, this class T-Shirt would cost about $10.00/pc for each student.

4. 💡 Recent Projects of School Related Apparels

In case you have trouble coming up with a class tee design ideas, below are recent projects of Class T shirts that we have recently made.

You can browse them for your class tee ideas, so you can be on your way to create your own unique class tees!

If you need a T-Shirt template to design your class shirt designs, download them for free here: T-Shirt Design: Design Your Own Tee Shirts in Singapore (Using T-Shirt Templates)

👕 Filter by Catalogue

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In summary, the Class T-Shirt designs you require will affect the pricing of the class shirt. Therefore a lot of planning is required if you want it to be a hassle-free journey.

If your class has a lower budget for your class tees, we recommend going for the first 2 class t-shirt design ideas.

If they insist on a complex design with many colors and do not mind forking a little bit of budget, then your class can definitely consider option 3.


In conclusion, class tee shirt printing in Singapore need not be a complicated process if you plan it right from the beginning.

By now, we hope that you are more knowledgeable of the factors that contribute to the pricing of the T-Shirts, the products that are popular and budget-friendly, and also T-Shirt design ideas you can go for that suits your budget!

Good luck in customising your next Class T-Shirt! Start by browsing our catalogue here today!

Get instant price quotes for T-Shirts & Corporate Gifts here!
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