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Browse Lanyards packages that we carry in our corporate gifts! Customised Lanyard ID card holders are popular for everyone to put their corporate pass, school identity, credit cards, ID cards or any other use! Lanyard design can be printed via silk screen printing or full lanyard printing sublimation methods!

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💡 Step-by-Step Guide to customise Full Sublimation Printed Custom Lanyard (2023)

You can choose lanyard straps of different widths for your customized lanyard printing.

We offer mainly 2 common width size for lanyard straps mainly, 15mm (1.5cm) or 20mm (2cm) width.

For our full sublimation printed lanyard, the most commonly used material will be the smooth soft 100% polyester material.

This material is the standard market best choice due to its smoothness and ability to print any number of colors via full sublimation printing.

You can choose many different types of lanyard hooks / lanyard clips as your lanyard finishing.

Most of these hooks / clips serves the same purpose but some more durable more than others. Higher durability = higher cost.

The common hooks you can choose from is the Lobster hook, Crocodile clip, J-hook and last but not least, the Oval hook.

On top of the lanyard straps + finishing clip, there are add-on accessories available for you to choose from.

You can add on the Safety buckle options, for easy removal of the end of the lanyard (so that you do not have to drag your neck along if you have to tap for access / payment.

You can also choose to add on neck-release clip option instead, if you prefer to remove the whole lanyard (without having to run it through your entire head).

You can also add-on a badge-reel which is usually retractable so you can pull your cardholder without any injury and it’ll retract back into original position easily.

For example, if you work in a high-risk work environment, we recommend to add-on these accessories in the case of safety.

If you require to add-on cardholders, we provide different range of cardholders for you!
1) PVC Clear cardholders (plastic flimsy cardholders)
2) PU Leather cardholders (more professional looking cardholders)
3) Plastic hard-casing cardholders (those who are looking for higher protection of their belongings)

💡 Get Cheap Lanyard Printing Singapore from $0.81/pc in 2023

🔍 ​Are you looking for cheap wholesale Customized Lanyards in Singapore? Then you are at the right place!

We are able to provide customized lanyards printing Singapore which can be a great marketing branding tool that can be worn during events and conferences to increase your brand awareness and also as a giveaway since they are very affordable products. With lanyards branded with your logo, you will definitely turn eyes to your company.

Most companies customise lanyards by printing their company name and logo along with the corporate pantone code as the base color of the lanyards to give a very professional and trusted corporate image.

In addition, custom branded lanyards are very lightweight products which can be produced in bulk quantities at very low prices, making it a value investment for any companies and businesses!

Whether you are looking for plain wholesale custom lanyardssilkscreen printed lanyards, or full sublimation printed lanyards, we have them in our lanyards catalogue.

At MeowPrint, we carry different product models of custom lanyards in Singapore for you to choose from. We have ready-stock custom lanyards to cater to simple custom lanyards with lower minimum order quantity (MOQ).

We also carry custom-made lanyards which we produce from scratch. This allows more flexibility in customisation as well as better lanyards pricing in bulk quantities!

⚡ To bring you up to speed, we’ll address the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about customizing your own customised lanyards!

💵 Do All Custom Printed Lanyards Cost The Same?​

Different customised lanyards in Singapore comes with different prices tag. Depending on the customisation you require from the lanyards, it’ll affect the prices of the lanyards.

We recommend going for the full sublimation printed lanyards as these lanyards comes with a standard pricing whether you use 1 color or unlimited colors.

This will help you put aside the budget you require to make these custom lanyards without the headache of worrying that many colors will affect the price of the lanyards.

What you will get with your customised lanyards will be a carefully custom lanyard printed with your very design. It will definitely feel very personal for you as these lanyards are created personalised for you.

You can customize our lanyards for as low as $0.80/pc (incl. GST). This will be based on 1,000 pieces of our best selling Full Color Sublimation Print Lanyard.

🛠️ What Printing Methods Are Available for Customised Lanyards Printing?​

If you’re looking for customization of lanyards, then there are 2 possible printing services which are suitable for printing lanyards!

Please do note that although there are various options of customisation available, not all are suitable for every lanyards. This is where our dedicated sales team will assist you and advise you accordingly based on your custom lanyards requirements!

1. Silk Screen Printing

Silkscreen printing is the method of ink printing of your logo onto the lanyards. This is generally the most cost-efficient method of print, especially at higher quantities.

Learn more about silk screen printing.

2. Full Sublimation Printing

When it comes to lanyards, another popular method of printing is sublimation printing.

This method of print allows you to print your customised lanyard with logos that has no limits on the number of colors!

Based on our recommendations, if you require anything more than 2 colors of printing for your lanyards, we will recommend full sublimation printing as it is cheaper and faster to produce them.

Based on our studies of the enquiries we received, many customers are concerned about the prices to incorporate into their budget

This method of print will be able to do just that for you since there is no difference whether you print a single colored logo or a full colored design, the cost of the customisable lanyards will remain the same!

For this method of print, only the quantity will affect the price, which makes it easier for us to quote you, and easier for you to incorporate into your budget for purchasing of your own customised lanyards for your school, organisations or corporate companies!

⏳ How Long is the Lead Time to Customize Lanyards?

Based on the 2 possible printing methods which you can choose, the leadtime will be as follows.

For Silkscreen printing on lanyard straps on ready stock lanyards, it’ll take about 5 working days after your artwork approval to complete your custom lanyards printing!

For Full Sublimation Lanyard printing on lanyard straps, these has to be made from scratch hence they will take longer time under custom-made order. Such lanyards will require 3-4 weeks leadtime to complete your fully sublimation printed lanyards.

If you require express lanyard printing Singapore, we’ll recommend to do silkscreen printing on the readily available stock lanyards to get them as soon as 5 working days after artwork approval.

💪 How to get Started on Customizing my Custom Lanyards?​

To get started, our Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for our custom lanyards starts from 30 pieces per design for some of the models. There is some lanyards products that starts from 50 pieces Minimum order quantity as well!

You can browse the different lanyards product models that we have on this page and select the one that meets your needs.

You can select the quantity and the customization you require on the catalogue page of each product and place them into the enquiry cart.

Once we receive your enquiry, we will reply within 24 business hours to get your custom lanyard printing project going!

If you don’t happen to find what you are looking for here, perhaps you may browse our catalogue for more choices!

We hope you enjoyed learning all you can about customizing your very own custom lanyards Singapore! Get started today!

⭐ Our Recent Projects of All Custom Lanyards Printing in Singapore​

⭐ Customer Reviews

Still have reservations on our Customised Lanyard Printing products? Let our customers' genuine feedback help you!
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Efficient ordering process and friendly staff!
Nicholas Lim
Nicholas Lim
01:12 12 Mar 23
Efficient ordering process, product was up to standards. Will buy again!
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Daniel Yap
14:27 08 Mar 23
Professional.( thanks to Janice)Flexible and reliable service.Very happy with the service.Reasonable prices for the printing and T-shirt .
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Jessy Poon
09:24 01 Mar 23
Prompt response and excellent service~
Rui Cao
Rui Cao
07:42 21 Feb 23
Ordered 300 Tote Bags from them. Xiao Fen was helpful and obliging. We are impressed with the quality of the bags! I will advise to go down physically to see the item first before placing large orders online to make sure it is the item you want. Will definitely return for more orders in the future!
Kieran Karuna
Kieran Karuna
05:09 16 Feb 23
Smooth experience both with ordering and collecting. Fast turnover.
Genie Education Hub
Genie Education Hub
12:13 07 Feb 23
Meow Print is very responsive, helpful & patience when rendering me with advise & help for the customising of Polo-Tee. Giving a cut sample definitely a plus as I can have a good idea of the quality of goods I'll be receiving.
Tiffy Lau
Tiffy Lau
01:59 05 Jan 23
Excellent service and products!
05:01 20 Dec 22
Fast and efficient service. We will definitely purchase future orders again. Print out was perfect too. Overall we are satisfied with the purchase and service. Thank you!
Basque Kitchen
Basque Kitchen
06:28 14 Dec 22
Very pleasant experience!
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lydia poh
13:14 09 Dec 22

📝 Learn More About Custom Lanyards here

Are you looking for cheap lanyards printing for your CCA Projects, professional groups or corporate companies

You can choose quality lanyard straps from our catalogue and customize them. For example, these are perfect for corporate staffs to create their own corporate custom lanyards to carry your work pass or staff pass.

Lanyards are commonly made from nylon material which are sturdy and durable. Nylon lanyards are usually already dyed with a certain color which makes them suitable for silkscreen printing.

If you have complicated logos with many colors and gradient colors, you can also go for Full Sublimation Custom lanyards. These lanyards will be made from smooth soft polyester material which are suitable for sublimation printing.

We are a custom lanyards supplier that carry different colors of ready-stock lanyards! We also have the option for you to add on PVC Plastic cardholders or PU Leather holders on top of the ready stock lanyards straps.

We are confident you will be able to find the custom lanyards catered to your needs in our huge range of catalogue!

Learn more about lanyards below!

1. What is a Lanyard?

Lanyards are straps that are made from usually Nylon material sewed in a loop that is commonly used to hang around our neck.

You are able to customise the lanyard by having your company name and logo printed on them to further personalise lanyards to promote your corporate image. Lanyards are made from soft material that is comfortable to wear for long period of time.

2. Benefits and Uses of Lanyards

Lanyards are commonly used to hold our identification passes, work passes or even your access cards.

They are an excellent choice of branding accessories that can help you increase your brand awareness and recognition during conference or corporate events.

Most of our customers go for the Full sublimation printed lanyards as they are easy to find out the cost and they are very cost-effective in bulk quantities.

3. Summary

We hope you have learned all about lanyards.

We have touched on the details on their use and benefits as well as the different methods of customisation to get you started!

If there are more information that is missing, feel free to let us know and we’ll include more information and be kept up to date!

🧐 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Custom Lanyards Printing

The MOQ to customise your own custom lanyards will depending on your requirements.

Ready-stock Nylon lanyards with silkscreen printing: 30 pieces per design.
Full Sublimation Printed Lanyards (no color limits): 50 pieces per design.

Custom Lanyards can be customised with some of our printing services.

Customised Lanyards leadtime will depends on the customisation required.

The leadtime provided below is after artwork approval (provided after order confirmation).

The cost of customisation of lanyards will largely depends on a few main factors:
1) Quantity
2) Customisation required

For example, using our ready-stock lanyard (Basic Nylon Lanyard) as an example,
50 pieces with 1 color logo silkscreen print will be: $3.96/pc (incl. GST)
200 pieces with 1 color logo silkscreen print will be: $1.90/pc (incl. GST)

For example, using our Full Color Sublimation Print Lanyard,
50 pieces with Full Sublimation Printing will be: $5.50/pc (incl. GST)
200 pieces with Full Sublimation Printing will be: $1.69/pc (incl. GST)

For beginners, we recommend going to using their design lab as it is easy to use and we can extract the design files easily by providing us the design link that they provide at the end of the session.

For professionals, you can use Photoshop or Illustrator to create your own designs and send us the high resolution design files for customisation.

We sure do! Check out our other promotional products which are alternatives to our lanyards for increasing your brand exposure.