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What is Embroidery?

💡 Looking to Embroider Your Logo With Sewing Threads? Learn About Embroidery Printing in 2021
🕒 17 minutes read

Embroidery is the simple use of threads made into designs or logos as you wished for customization.

An example of an Embroidery Thread Customisation

As you may already know, the simplest explanation of embroidery is that it involves intricate needlework where colored threads are stitched onto a piece of fabric or product (in our case, a T-Shirt) to form a design or pattern. 

The embroidery threads will be supported by a backing that will be on the inner side of your embroidered shirts or embroidered clothing.

Embroidery is very popular on corporate apparels, such as Customised capsPolo Tees & Windbreakers, as it adds professionalism and classy touch to your apparels.

Embroidery is commonly used to embroider professional corporate logo embroiderycompany logo name embroideryindividual name embroidery and Custom Embroidery Patch as well!

Other methods of printing are just not suitable to achieve the kind of effect that you would like with Embroidery.

Our Recent Embroidered Products

🔍 Are You looking for Embroidery Printing in Singapore?

You are at the right place! We specialize in Embroidery services in Singapore as well as custom T-Shirt printing & apparels.

We know that you would have a lot of questions about Embroidery, especially if you're new to this.

⚡ To bring you up to speed, we'll address the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Embroidery services in Singapore.

💡 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On T-Shirt Embroidery Singapore

👕 Which Products Can You Choose to Embroider?

Embroidery is suitable for most products available in our catalogue.

You can browse our all 400+ products in our catalogue here.

The only limitation will come if there are any backing or obstacles in the product (such as zippers, or pockets). 

Logo Embroidery is mainly popular to create a more professional outlook such as Embroidered Shirts or Embroidered Polo T-Shirts.

Fret not, you can always speak to our dedicated team of sales crew and they'll provide you the best assistance to get your customised products.

⏳ How Long is the Lead Time for Embroidery in Singapore?

This is our most frequently asked question that we receive on a daily basis.

You may have come across on the spot instant embroidery services, or leadtime that can take up to a full 2 weeks to fulfil your custom embroidery order. 

At MeowPrint, our lead-time for Embroidery services is about 7 working days from the start of processing of our orders.

We believe this is the sweet spot for timeline to allow our experts enough time to provide you the best quality for Embroidery (which we'll show you in a bit!) as well as a great experience for you.

If you require your embroidered products quickly, check out how to get express embroidery services in Singapore.

You can also get in touch with us and we'll let you know on the feasibility of your project!

💪 How Durable or Long-Lasting is Embroidery Singapore?

Embroidery works can withstand thousands of washes! Really? Yes.

Embroidery involves the using of different thread colors stitched together into your design onto your customized apparels.

These threads will be held together strongly by a backing that will be placed on the inside of your T-shirts and apparels.

As long as the backing holds the thread together, your embroidery will last for a very long time.

🤔 Why Choose Us? Aren't All Embroidery services the Same in Singapore?

This is what most people would like to believe. Are you ready for the Truth?

In fact, it's been the industry secret that there are different tier grades of custom embroidery services in Singapore.

You heard it first from us at Meowprint!

Yes, do not be surprised! Just like any other industries, there has to be a reason why sometimes we pay more for better quality goods and services.

This is because different quality embroidery services do exist in Singapore.

💎 Different Quality Grade of Embroidery

As mentioned earlier, there are different quality grade for custom embroidery in Singapore.

If you have engaged a vendor for T-Shirt embroidery before, you may have encountered certain embroidery not achieving the same level of detailing as per your design.

Basic Quality Grade Embroidery services

As you can see in terms of embroidery, the embroidery job is not as sharp as per the original file.

Higher Quality Grade Embroidery services

From the image, you can see in terms of embroidery, the embroidery job is sharper as compared to the Basic Quality Grade.

What is the difference between the 2 pictures?

For basic grade embroidery, it is relatively cheaper in terms of pricing, however may not achieve full detailing of your logo designs.

By default, we provide our customers with the Higher quality grade embroidery services because we believe quality is very important, especially for embroidery.

This brings us to the next point about pricing for Embroidery.

💵 Do We Provide the Cheapest Price for Embroidery Printing Services in Singapore?

Since Day 1 of operation, it has always been our mission to keep our embroidery services pricing affordable and competitive in the Embroidery Singapore market.

We are happy to announce that we are able to provide Higher quality grade embroidery printing services at a very affordable competitive pricing.

We are probably the cheapest T-Shirt embroidery in Singapore!

For example, if you require 30 pieces of our bestsellerBasic Honeycomb Cotton Polo T-Shirts including 1x Logo Embroidery (within 3" size), it'll only be $9.13/pc ! Refer to the picture below for example!

An example of a 1x logo embroidery left chest polo t-shirt.
30 pieces of this will be $9.13/pc !

Super affordable! It's a great start to making your very own corporate Polo T-Shirt on a tight budget!

If you come across any other vendors that can provide cheaper option than us, do be sure to do your due diligence to check the quality of embroidery services that you're getting.

If you're really tight for budget and do not mind sacrificing a little bit of details for the Basic quality grade, come talk to us and we'll make it happen for you.

💡 Food for thought: "Why pay for basic quality grade when you can get the high quality grade for probably less than a dollar more?"

📝 Step-by-Step Embroidery Process

Our embroidery service process is a simple step-by-step process to ensure that you receive your desired end-product.

  • Firstly, we will process your order for embroidery customization on your desired apparel.
  • We will then provide an embroidery cut sample on a piece of fabric for your approval.
  • Once you approve the embroidery cut sample, we will proceed to get all of your bulk order embroidered.

💡 Other Types of Custom Embroidery Customisations You Can Explore

Here are some real-life pictures of examples embroidered custom patches that we have done previously.

Get instant price quotes if you need custom embroidery patches in Singapore here!

The pictures below will be as close as possible to the quality of what you can expect when you order with us!

An example of our very own Embroidered Custom Patches without any add-on backing.

An example of our very own Embroidered Custom Patch with Add-On Iron-On backing. We call them Custom Embroidered Iron On Patches.

An example of our very own Embroidered Custom Patch with Add-On Velcro Patch backing. We call them Custom Embroidered Velcro Patches.

An example of our very own Embroidered Custom Iron On Patch already pressed onto the T-Shirt. Beautiful finish!

💡 In summary, here are the different kinds of customization you can explore with embroidery services.

  1. Direct Logo Embroidery on the Apparel
  2. Custom Embroidery Patch, followed by Embroidering the Patch onto apparel
  3. Customised Iron On Patches Singapore
  4. Individual Name Embroidery Service
  5. Embroidered Name Tag Singapore

You should be brought up to speed by now! Do let us know how else we can assist to get your started on your custom embroidery project!

If you're passionate about embroidery, let's explore further into embroidery, its origins and the processes involved.

1. How did Embroidery come about?

Let’s start off by delving into the history of embroidery. Have you ever wonder where and how it came about?

Well, truth be told, embroidery is a popular ancient technique with roots dating back to the 3rd century. It was also widely used across the world from China to Sweden. Elaborate embroidery was often seen as a symbol of prestige and wealth.

In England, for example, the term English work (or Opus Anglicanum) was coined for fine needlework done on clothing. They are also usually done on expensive materials such as rich velvet. Gold and silver threads were commonly used as well.

The Fishmongers’ Pall, 1512 – about 1538, England. © The Worshipful Company of Fishmongers, London

This highly sought-after skill for fine embroidery was soon put to danger after the Industrial Revolution.

Following the trend of mass production, machine embroidery came to live! It has brought a revolutionary change in the world and today, computerized embroidery machines are used to create the patterns on t-shirts.

Computerized embroidery is perfect for bulk production of standardized prints on t-shirts and keeps the costs of printing very affordable.

2. What are computerized embroidery machines?

These machines are computer-controlled machines that can stitch up to 1,000 needles a minute and up to >16 different colors per design.

The embroidery machines include an embroidery head. This head can be in singles or multiples in different machines. Multiple needles are fixed into this head.

In addition, another feature of the embroidery machine is the frame on which you would affix your t-shirt (we will be touching on this topic further later on in this article). This frame is also known as the panto-graph.


3. Process of Embroidery (Step-by-step)

As we’ve mentioned above, the common use of embroidery printing now is no longer a handmade, delicate piece of design.

As demands for standardized printing has increased, computerized embroidery machines are the norm.

However, don’t be deceived by the word ‘computerized’. This word may seem to suggest that it is a seemingly easy and automated process, but in reality, the process of computerized embroidery is more than a push button.

In fact, the key to computerized embroidery is the digital design file.

  • First, we have to create a digitized embroidery design file (this is a technical step that will be elaborated further later on)
  • This design then has to be saved into a stitch file format that is recognized by the machine.
  • Next, we load the design into the machine and the machine operator has to instruct the machine to use specific needles and specific orientation.
  • There are thousands of needles in which each of them are threaded with a different color.
  • The machine is also designed such that each needle is assigned a number. The machine operator then has to make sure that the right needle number is used at each stage of the design.
  • Now that we have the preparation phase ready, you finally have your design sorted and arranged. The next step is that we have to frame or hoop the t-shirt to be embroider onto the machine arms.
  • If you can’t visualize this, imagine the skin on a drum, that’s exactly how the t-shirt should be framed onto the machine – stretched out and fitted well.
  • The main purpose of doing this is that the frame (or the panto-graph) acts as a form of support. In this way, the t-shirt is firmly secured and then put onto the embroidery machine in a way that it can be moved about when the embroidery machine starts to move and stitch.
  • Often, a paper-like product (or a backing) is also added under the t-shirt to act as an additional layer of support. This is again to make sure that the t-shirt is properly secured.
  • Do take note that the key to avoiding any distortion of your design from the machine movement is proper framing.
  • Now that you’ve got your t-shirt properly positioned. The next bit is the easy bit. Start the machine running and allow the embroidery machine to do its magic. The embroidery is done and you get your perfect shirt with your desired design at the end of it.

4. Creating and digitizing the design into an embroidery design file

Now that we have completed the overview of the process of embroidery, let's touch on further on the critical part, which is the creation of the design file.

This is the hardest bit as the design has to be of the highest quality in order for it to be stitched by the machine well.

  • First, the design has to be interpreted in stitches so that the machine can understand it. In simple terms, the design needs to be made into a machine language.
  • In order to do that, the design/artwork is first scanned into the computer. The digitizer will then use a software to plot every stitch movement.
  • This step of interpretation is very technical. For example, the designer has to consider the type of fabric of the t-shirt. As the t-shirt will move when it is being embroidered, it is important that we plot the stitches in a sequence to avoid as much movement as possible. This is essential for us printers to keep the end design as it was ‘intended’ by our customers.
  • The digitizer has to consider using different stitch types, angles of stitching and colour. The stitches are also created in order of how they will be embroidered. For example, if a design has details with a background, the background is created first.

If you need more visual reference, do watch the video below!

Without being at the risk of sounding too technical, we hope that this has helped answer some questions that you may have about embroidery.

The entire production is a rather confusing and complicated process, but with the right software, equipment and technical skills – this process may very well be worth the result!

For amazing and interesting printing method, check out our all-over sublimation printing method.

5. Advantages & Disadvantages of Embroidery

To help you make a better choice when deciding on the type of t-shirt printing services, we have also come up with some advantages and disadvantages of embroidery.


  • Uniqueness – The design is customized and is ultimately up to you. Plus, the different thread colours give you lots of flexibility in deciding what you want your t-shirt design to look like!
  • Quality – Because of its high-quality result the t-shirt will look professional and sleek.
  • Durability – a quality embroidered design is designed to withstand heat, even when washed in high heat! The colors also tend not to fade away so your design stays intact.
  • Price – When it comes to pricing for embroidery, it is a double-edged sword. Since silk screen printing is more expensive at lower quantity since the set-up cost is higher, embroidery can be a more affordable option for logos with multiple colors at lower quantities, for example below 50 pieces order.  However, as we mention, it is a double-edged sword which you we will discuss in the disadvantages below.


  • Price – As the mechanics of this method means that each embroidery have to start from scratch, the efficiency does not increase exponentially as compared to silk screen printing. Therefore, the price does not spread across the quantity, and does not become significantly cheaper at bulk quantities.
  • Complex Designs – Embroidery is unable to print designs that have gradient coloring in their logos. If you are looking to do complex designs with gradient colouring, have a look at Digital Heat Transfer Printing or DTG Printing.
  • Individual Names & Numbers - Embroidery method is capable of having small individual names on each apparel. However, for big names & number, the set-up costs is too high, hence not feasible. For this, we recommend Vinyl heat transfer printing.

6. We can provide Embroidery services for the following Products from our catalogue.


  1. ✅ All T-Shirts
  2. ✅ All Polo T-Shirts
  3. ✅ All Outerwear
  4. ✅ All Singlets & Tank Tops
  5. ✅ All Caps & Hats
  6. ✅ All Corporate Uniforms
  7. ✅ All Workwear
  8. ✅ All Shorts & Pants

Promotional Products

  1. ✅ All Bags
  2. ✅ All Towels
  3. ❌ All Drinkware
  4. ❌ All Lanyards
  5. ✅ All Embroidery Goods
  6. ✅ All Personal Care

7. Recommendations for Embroidery by MeowPrint

By coming this far in our pursuit of knowledge of embroidery, we now understand that embroidery is a popular printing method among our customers, especially corporate companies.

This is why we incorporate it into our Instant Quotation pricing for products such as Polo T-Shirts.

By understanding the mechanics of embroidery and studying the past sales data from our customers, we notice that many of them wishes to have a professional customized apparels.

Therefore, we have recommended our Polo Shirts with embroidery. They provide the basic needs of looking sharp and good for any events.

We also understand that customers receiving quotations from many vendors creates a delay in their day-to-day business operations.

To solve that problem, we have incorporated 1 Full Color Logo embroidery of Company Logo into our Instant Quotation on our catalogue, mainly for polo shirts.

This transparency not only gives our customer trusts that we believe our pricing are very competitive, but at the same time, boosts their efficiency by removing the delay out of their operations equation.

What is 1 (one) Full Color Logo Embroidery?

1 (One) Full color logo embroidery means that your logo design that you provide will be done in embroidery. Especially when your company logo has many colors to print, an embroidery printing method could be perfect for you.

You can refer to the picture below for an easier illustration.

An example of a 1x Logo Embroidery within 3inch x 3inch size

Do not worry if your company logo has many colors, as our embroidery method offers full color embroidery.

Now, are you ready to customize your professional corporate wear at affordable pricesEnquire with us today!

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