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Printing Services at Bras Basah Complex: 9 Printing Stores For Your Printing Needs in 2024

Are you looking for printing services at Bras Basah Complex? Check out the list of recommended printing stores we have compiled for you to check out!

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Bras basah complex printing
Bras basah complex printing

Are you on the way to Bras Basah Complex and just decide to google which printing services you can check out since there are so many? You are not alone!

There are a number of Bras Basah printing shops that provide the printing services that you may require. However, which ones can you trust to provide you the service and quality that you are looking for?

Although it can be tough, do not worry because Bras Basah complex is one of the Best Places To Do Printing in Singapore.

Lucky for us, we’re living in the digital age where reviews are everywhere online which can assist you to choose the best vendor.

In today’s article, we are going to help you by compiling a list of printing stores at Bras basah complex you can check out and hopefully allow you to choose the right one!

Bras Basah Complex was known as书城 (shu cheng, meaning “City of Books” in Mandarin) due to it being famous for its numerous bookstores. It is also known as 百胜楼 (bai sheng lou in Mandarin).

Before we begin, we’re going to introduce to you Bras Basah complex first. If you grew up in Singapore, you would have come to know this shopping complex as the go-to place for craft supplies, office supplies and also printing services in Singapore. The popular shops that attract visitors would be Popular as well as Art Friend!

If you happen to look for printing services at Bugis area, (which could turn out to be expensive due to high rental cost), you can spend a bit of time travelling just down the road to this mall as an alternative to the printing shops at Bugis. This will be recommended because the small fee you pay for the trip down, could save you more at the end of the day. 

Even if you do not know or heard of this shopping centre before, what or where is Bras Basah Complex?

It is located next to the National Library. It is surrounded by many tertiary and art institutions, making it a popular location for students to purchase their school supplies.

Its exact location would be here according to Google Map,

📍 Address (In Google):
231 Bain St, Singapore 180231

🕒 Bras Basah Complex Opening Hours (In Google):
Monday-Thursday, 10am-7pm
Friday-Sunday, 10am-9pm

🏃‍♂️ How To Get to Bras Basah Complex
🚌 Nearest Bus Stop
Bus 61, 851, 7, 32, 51, 63, 80, 145, 175 and 197
Walking 1 mins from bus stop B01029
Nearest MRT station

🚆 Nearest MRT station
Bras Basah MRT (CC2)
Walking 4 mins from Exit A to here

It is also a convenient place for corporate office working adults to visit if they require a quick printing job during lunch hours or after work.

There are many Bras basah printing shops for you to check out which may take you an entire day just browsing through every single one of them! 

PRO TIP: Be sure to do your due diligence and use our list as a guide to choose your preferred vendor!

❓ Who might need Printing Services at Bras Basah Complex?

Everyone needs printing services. They could be for personal use, business-related, or for work-related purposes.

If you’re in school, you might need book binding services to compile your notes or your projects, or also photocopying services to make more copies of your notes.

Another popular service would be Poster printing service to print quality posters for showcasing your artwork or projects.

In the event that you are running your own business or in the sales industry, you could be looking for banner printing services to print banners or pull-up standee for your own stores or roadshow events.

The next thing that you most definitely need would be name card printing services to print your name cards as a personal marketing tool for your business. There are many cards printing services here you can look for.

Another printing service that you can find in Bras basah will be sticker printing services! You could engage a store that provides stickers printing services in the mall too.

Despite it being an old building, it is still the place many people visit to look for office supplies, name card printing or other printing services. It has definitely earned the reputation of the go-to place for printing. Talk about great marketing!

❓ What Printing Services are Available at Bras Basah Complex?

There are many Bras Basah printing shops available in Singapore.

Here are the list of printing services that we know are available in this mall.

If you have more to add, let us know in the comments below.

  • Banner & Signage printing services
  • Book printing services
  • Brochure printing services
  • Custom Calendar printing services
  • Document printing services
  • Digital Printing services
  • Flyer printing services
  • Gifts & Souvenir printing services
  • Large format printing services
  • Name card printing services
  • Office supplies 
  • Offset printing services
  • Pull up standee services
  • Photocopying services
  • Photo printing services
  • Poster printing services
  • Post cards printing services
  • Ring binding services
  • Sticker printing services
  • T-Shirt printing services

We are going to share with you the different stores in Bras Basah complex for some of the printing services above.

👕 T-Shirt Printing Services

T-Shirt printing at Bras basah is not as popular as some of the other shopping malls like Queensway Shopping centre and Sunshine Plaza Mall.

Nevertheless, you can still find a store or 2 to help you print tshirts if you need the service. They may be able to provide print on demand printing services and no minimum order quantity especially if you’re looking to print 1 piece T-Shirt and get it on the same day.

They usually have lower minimum order quantity or they could also do 1 (one) piece printing. To add on, some have print on demand services available right at their storefront.

Printing Stores are Available at Bras Basah Complex

1. MisterPrint Pte Ltd (Bras Basah)

Mister print Bras Basah complex

This store is probably one you might have heard of located in Bras basah complex. They provide a wide range of printing services including T-Shirts & Apparels.

If you are looking to create customised apparels using silk screen print, heat transfer print or embroider on, you can check out this store.

Apart from customised apparels, they also provide printing services for corporate gift items, such as customised caps, bags & mugs.

They can also help you to create personalised stickers or peel-out stickers should you require such services.

Other printing services that they also provide includes name card printing, greeting card printing, stationary printing, wallpaper printing, large format printing and also ceramic printing.

Customers provided reviews on their great customer service and quality prints at affordable pricing. You can definitely check them out when you’re in Bras basah.

Address (In Google): 231 Bain St, #02-91 Bras Basah Complex, Singapore 180231
Opening Hours (From Google): Monday To Friday : 10.30am to 7.00pm
Saturday : 10.30am to 6.00pm

2. Print Direct Pte Ltd (Bras Basah)

Another store that provides T-Shirt printing services would be Print Direct Pte Ltd. They are a comfortably sized store that showcases apparels at the doorstep.

They are able to provide customisation on dri-fit tees as well as cotton tees. You can check them out if you require customised team T-Shirts for your events.

There is no working website or online reviews, so do your due diligence before choosing them.

Address (From Google): 231 Bain St #02-87, Singapore 180231 Bain St, Singapore 180231
Opening Hours (From Google): Mon-Friday, 10.30am – 7.00pm

3. MeowPrint

There are not many printing stores that offer T-Shirt printing & apparel customisation at Bras Basah. Not to worry, we can help you out!

No, we are not located in Bras Basah Complex, but we are located between Jurong East & Clementi (we are in the west area!)

T-Shirt printing & Apparels customisation is our bread & butter! We aim to provide the best quality, affordable prices, fast leadtime & the best customer experience for everyone.

If you need to customise your class T-Shirts. Dri-fit T-Shirts, Jersey T-Shirt printing, Hoodies printing, Towels printing, Tote bags printing, or even caps printing, we offer the best quality and lowest prices in Singapore!

Opening Hours (From Google): Monday – Friday, 9am – 6pm
Address (From Google): 8 Boon Lay Way, #07-15, Singapore 609964

📄 Other Printing Services

There are lesser choices for T-Shirt printing services, but there are more stores offering other types printing services such as namecard printing, large format printing, photo printing services and more as mentioned earlier.

Next few stores that could be worth checking out all provide all in one printing services. They don’t provide just one type of printing services, but a wide range of printing services.

4. Ann Print Shop

Next on the list will be Bras Basah Color Services Centre.

We believe their main source of sales is from their brick & mortar store since they do not have much social presence online.

Google reviews from past customers suggest they provide good customer service and great quality printing.

They specialize in photo printing services as well as large format printing services. Do check them out.

Address (From Google): 180231, Bain St, 231号 邮政编码: 180231
Opening Hours (From Google): Not Found

5. Color Shop

Based on what we found online, this store is the rebranded version of the previously known PrintStop.

Their current site is great with bright colors and cute characters. They also feature the wide range of printing services that they provide.

They provide a wide range of printing services like name card printing, banner printing, foam board mounting, wedding cardsbook-related printing servicesHuman Life Size Standeeand many more.

Address (From Google): 231 Bain St, #02-71, Singapore 180231
Opening Hours (From Google): Mon-Fri, 11am-7pm
Sat, 11am-6pm

6. Simple Digital

This store has been around for a long time. They specialize in digital prints, large format printing and also system stands printing.

Address (From Google): 231 Bain St, #02-27, Singapore 180231
Opening Hours (From Google): Mon – Fri, 11am – 7pm

7. Media Grafix Pte Ltd

They also specialize in Digital printing services, offset printing services, UV digital pritnting as well as Large format printing services.

According to their storefront, they provide 1 hour express services as well.

You can check them out.

Address (From Google): 231 Bain St, #01-65 Bras Basah Complex, Singapore 180231
Opening Hours (From Google): Mon – Fri, 10.30am – 6.30pm
Saturday, 10.30am-5pm

Are you looking for T-Shirt Printing Services?

8. Bras Basah Colour Services Centre

Next on the list will be Bras Basah Color Services Centre.

They have been around for quite some time and specialize in photocopying services.

They are also able to provide Plan printing services (up to A0 size), cover book binding services, hot lamination service and autocad plotting services.

Address (From Google): 231 Bain St, Singapore 180231, #01-09
Opening Hours (From Google): Monday-Friday, 10.30am – 6.30pm
Saturday, 10.30am – 5.30pm

9. Unusual Print Media

This store is more modern looking compared to the rest in Bras basah complex.

They provide a wide range of printing services like name card printing, banner printing, flyers printing, book-related printing services and many more.

They have good reviews on their google review page.

Address (From Google): 231 Bain St, #01-59, Singapore 180231
Opening Hours (From Google): Mon-Fri, 10am-7pm
Sat, 10am-5pm

❌ Stores that have relocated or closed down

Business is tough, therefore some outcome of certain business may be less than favourable.

Below is a list of stores that used to operate in Bras Basah Complex to provide their printing services.

Closed / Relocated Stores

  1. PrintStop (Bras Basah) – Permanently closed, rebranded as Colour Shop
  2. Colordoc Pte Ltd – Closed


There you have it! 9 printing stores (8 stores + Us) that are well and open in Bras Basah complex as of this post article.

We do not claim that they can provide the most competitive prices and services in Singapore, however, since you’re planning to visit the area, you may as well check them out if you need printing needs.

We are confident of the T-Shirt printing services that we provide are of great quality at a much more affordable pricing.

Our sales staff are also passionate to provide the best customer services in Singapore when it comes to T-Shirt & Apparels customisation in Singapore.

Our website is also built to provide everyone convenience to search what is available in the Singapore T-shirt printing market, not just Bras Basah T-Shirt printing. Start by browsing our catalogue here today!

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