Where To Get Reusable Mask in Singapore: 5 Best Places Singaporeans Can Buy Reusable Face Masks From

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Best Places To Get Customised Fabric Face Masks That Are Reusable

Are you looking to get your own reusable face masks in Singapore? This article is written to help you narrow down your search!

If you urgently need to source bulk quantities of custom face masks, check out our face masks catalogue here.

Since the announcement in Singapore that it is mandatory for residents to wear face masks, everyone literally has to have their own face masks! First time offenders can be fined $300 and $1,000 for subsequent offenders!

During the circuit breaker from 7th April till 1st June, most of us may not use the masks that often as everyone is almost staying at home every single day unless they had to go out to get essentials.

But now that we’re in Phase One (at the time of writing this article), we are expected to be out of the house more often, especially due to work!

💡 UPDATE: As of 19th June 2020, we are now in Phase 2! We are definitely out of the house more often due to work and also to socialize as we’re now able to dine out.

Now that we are all transitioning back to work, we believe that many corporate companies and schools are also looking to customize their own reusable face masks for their own identity and protection!

Who would want to wear the same custom masks as another company or another school? No one can tell the difference! We would like to be unique with our customised face masks if we’re wearing them daily.

Whether you are looking for reusable masks for personal use, or sourcing for a supplier for bulk quantity of reusable customised masks for your company, this list of places will help you in your search!

Whether you are looking for reusable masks for personal use, or sourcing for a supplier for bulk quantity of reusable customised face masks for your company, this list of places will help you in your search!

If you happen to be looking for T-Shirt printing services instead, why not browse our catalogue today!

Table of Contents

Best Places To Get Reusable Masks in Singapore

1. MeowPrint

MeowPrint is a T Shirt Printing Singapore company, but we can also customise reusable face masks for Singapore at affordable rates!

We have a range of plain ready stock reusable face masks as well as made-to-order customised reusable face masks in our face mask catalogue. We are able to customise the ready stock plain reusable masks using silk screen printing and embroidery services.

If you have a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) of at least 50-100 pieces, we can also customise face masks that are reusable from scratch!

We can also customise on ready stock masks from 30 pieces onwards. Read more below!

1. Customised Reusable Face Mask (4-Ply) – MOQ 100 pieces per design

For customised reusable masks, you will be able to print fully on the whole mask via sublimation printing method, with no colors limitations on your design!

Customised reusable masks (full sublimation printing)
An Example Full Sublimation Printing on Masks

With this mask, we can also do embroidery patch onto the mask at very affordable prices.

Start customising your own reusable masks from $3.18/pc (incl. GST) here: Customised Reusable Mask

2. Cool Dri-Fit Reusable Face Mask (2-Ply) – MOQ 50 pieces per design

For Cool Dri-Fit Reusable Face Mask (2-Ply), we are able to customise from just 50 pieces per design!

This mask is made from Interlock Smooth dri-fit fabric which we usually use to make T-Shirts.

You can choose over 20 different fabric colors for the outer and inner layers of your mask!

The smooth feel of the fabric is gentle on the face and very breathable. Do take note it is not a medical grade face mask!

Cool Dri-Fit Reusable Face Mask logo emb
An Example Embroidery on Cool Dri Fit Mask

With this mask, we can also do Individual Name customisation, via heat transfer printing or embroidery, at very affordable prices!

Start customising your own cool dri-fit masks from $3.53/pc (incl. GST) here: Cool Dri-Fit Reusable Face Mask (2-Ply)

If you are looking for anti-bacterial face masks, we also have them in our face mask catalogue!

With MOQ of just 30 pieces, you can customise Proteger Reusable Fabric Face Mask (2-Ply), with either 1 color logo silkscreen printing or embroidery!

Our plain Anti-Bacterial Reusable Face Mask can also be customised from 100 pcs onwards, via sublimation printing or silkscreen printing.

2. Redeem New Reusable Mask For Free From Government [ENDED 14th June 2020]

💡 UPDATE: As of 14th June 2020, this free mask collection exercise is over. Now the new mask collection is the StayMasked initiative by Temasek Foundation – Refer to the next point!

Free masks are the best! As part of the third mask collection exercise, from 26 May 2020 onwards, Singapore residents will be able to redeem a free upgraded version of reusable masks.

Where can you redeem the new reusable mask?

From the gov.sg website, it states that you will be able to collect the mask from 26 May to 14 June 2020 at all Community Clubs (CCs), Residents’ Committee (RC) Centres and special vending machines located at all CCs.

Collection Period Where to Collect
CounterVending Machine
Week 1
26 May – 1 June 2020
All CCs and RC Centres
10am to 6pm daily
All CCs
24 hours
(Note: Operational from 26 May, 10am onwards)
Week 2 – 3
2 June – 14 June 2020
Not ApplicableAll CCs
24 hours

What do you need to bring for redemption?

To avoid crowding, it is recommended that only one representative of each household should go collect on everyone’s behalf.

Bring along your family members’ NRICs, Birth Certificates or any government-issued identification with a barcode.

Are there kid sizes?

Great news. There are now kids sizes masks that are suitable for children 12 years and below.

Adult identity cards can only redeem adult size masks whereas identification document of child 12 years and below will be required to redeem the kid size mask.

What is the upgrade on this new reusable mask?

They are made of 3-ply with a filtration efficiency of at least 95%, even after 30 washes.

New materials have also been used to improve their resistance to droplets, as well as wearing comfort and breathing capabilities.

Find the latest info here: https://www.maskgowhere.gov.sg/faq

2. StayMasked Initiative By Temasek Foundation [29 June to 19 July 2020]

Free masks are the best!

These masks are being distributed as part of StayMasked, a Stay Prepared initiative by Temasek Foundation.

These masks aims to provide reusable masks to our communities for added coverage, protection and assurance, as well as to encourage people to wear their masks out at any point of time.

They are MaskSafe DET30™ masks which are reusable, antimicrobial, and washable up to 30 times.

The MaskSafe DET30™ mask is effective against 94% of the Influenza A virus, an enveloped virus like the SARS-CoV-2 virus is.

Talk about being protected from the virus!

A StayMasked vending machine. (Photo: Temasek Foundation)

Where can you redeem the MaskSafe DET30™ masks?

From the stayprepared.sg website, it states that you will be able to collect the mask from now till 19 July, 11.59pm.

Each resident of Singapore can collect two reusable MaskSafe DET30™ masks from any of the 30 vending machines at 21 locations, comprising bus interchanges and Plaza Singapura.

Find out more details on how to collect your free mask kit and locate the nearest vending machines to you, please click here.

To avoid crowding, it is recommended that only one representative of each household should go collect on everyone’s behalf.

Bring along your family members’ NRICs, Birth Certificates or any government-issued identification with a barcode.

How to redeem?

It only takes 3 easy steps to collect your mask kit at any StayMasked vending machine.

Step 1: Using the LED screen, select your mask kit from any available dispenser slot.

Step 2: Select “ID Card or redemption QR Code”.

For Free mask kits:
Present the barcode on your government-issued ID card at the scanner.

If using an ID or FIN card with a QR code, cover the QR code and only scan the barcode.

If you are unable to scan your ID card, select “Manual Entry”, and key in your ID number manually on the screen.

For pre-orders:
Scan your redemption QR code (in your phone or at stayprepared.sg/buymasks)

Step 3: The mask kit will be there for you to collect! Super easy!

Can I Buy More Masks?

Yes you can! However, not directly at the machine. You have to pre-order the masks.

You can pre-order here from now till 17 July, 11.59pm, and redeem at the vending machines anytime from now till 19 July, 11.59pm.

Each additional mask kit is $8 (RRP $13).

If you love the masks and wish to get more mask kits for you and your loved ones, you can pre-order them here.

Are there kid sizes?

The masks currently come in adult size. To counter this, users have come up with a creative way to tie the ear loops of your child’s mask together to ensure the mask fits snugly over their face.

However, do take note that the face masks are not recommended for babies, children with special needs and for young children below 2 years of age, for child safety reasons.

What is the upgrade on this new reusable mask?

All masks distributed have been tested by multiple laboratories to pass required safety standards.

The MaskSafe DET30™ mask has been tested against various bacteria and viruses, with 94% effectiveness against Influenza A virus, an enveloped virus.

Find out more details about this masks here: Website

3. Independent Market

Independent Market - Face Masks
Independent Market - Face Masks

If you are looking for cloth fabric face masks with cute designs or even dark humour designs, Independent Market offers that for you!

They sell their cloth fabric masks in packages of 4 or 10! Buy more, save more!

They also have kids face masks with cute designs for your kids!

Check their face masks packages here: Website

Are you looking for T-Shirt printing services?

4. Little Odd Forest

If you are looking for simple and cute animal designs, you can definitely check out this shop!

They carry reusable cloth fabric face masks designs with cheetahs, dogs, bunnies and bears! The designs will be suitable for adults and definitely appealing for kids!

Check them out here: Website

5. Binary Style

If you are looking for cheerful masks featuring original prints to jazz up your look, Binary Style is another store that you can check out.

Their reusable cloth fabric masks with unique designs will definitely brighten your day just by putting on the face masks from their website.

Binary Style Face Masks

Check out Binary Style Face Mask here: Website

What Is The Right Way To Wear A Mask?

Now that you have your face masks, you are 100% immune! No, of course not. There are certain precautions you have to take still in order to optimise your well-being and protection against COVID-19.

Here are some ways which you can follow.

1. Wash hands properly

Before putting on your mask, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. This is to prevent any bacteria or viruses to infect your masks even before you wear them.

2. Ensure Mask Covers Face Well

If there are gaps from the face mask and your face, you are allowing space and breathing air to get into your system which defeats the purpose of coverage.

Ensure that the air you breathe is filtered by your masks by ensuring no gaps.

This is best done when having a face mask that has adjustable nose bridge as well as enough cloth to cover the chin.

Thankfully, our masks comes with that feature here: Customised Reusable Mask

3. Disposable Mask Recommendations

Make sure to avoid touching the mask often. Do remove mask carefully from behind your ears or head.

Dispose the mask immediately after use into a closed bin and wash your hands after.

4. Reusable Mask Recommendations

For reusable face masks, do make sure you wash them regularly after every use with clean warm water and soap

Most of them are only suitable for hand-wash, so be careful while washing.

Ensure they are completely dry before the next use.


We hope we have helped you narrow your search in getting your reusable face masks whether it’s for personal use or for sourcing for bulk quantity orders for your company or school.

Do remember that for face masks, the cheapest does not always mean the best options. Cheaper pricing can mean that certain features can be compromised such as zero protection as materials can be of lower quality or too thin.

Over here at MeowPrint, we provide different range of customisable reusable face mask options for different customers.

We carry the cheaper face masks for those with a tight budget, as well as a more affordable range of customisable face masks with higher quality for those who are looking for better protection!

Good luck to everyone, and stay safe and hope we’ll get through this together!

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