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PP5X Plastic Pen (4 Models)

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PP5X Plastic Pen (4 Models)

Description: The PP5X Plastic Pen offers smooth, enduring black ink flow in a lightweight design, ensuring comfortable writing. Customize with an area for print, perfect for personal or corporate branding.

  • Ink: Black
  • Type: Ball Pen

Weight | Printing Size

  • PP54: +/- 10g | 3cm x 0.5cm(H)
  • PP57: +/- 10g | 7cm x 0.5cm(H)
  • PP58: +/- 12g | 5cm x 0.6cm(H)
  • PP59: +/- 11g | 5cm x 0.5cm(H)

💡 The product information provided is based on best knowledge basis. If you do have any specific requirements, size or color, we recommend to check with our team first 😺.

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